Homosexuals Have Equal Rights to Marriage


The traditional definition of marriage, that is, the union of one man and one woman, has existed for thousands of years. The traditional purpose of marriage is to have and raise children. The traditional family, made up of a father, a mother and children, is the unit building-block of society. Society has an interest in nurturing and preserving the traditional family, as a successful society depends upon the successful, propagating, traditional family. The best situation under which children grow and flourish (physically, socially, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually) is in the presence of an intact family, a traditional family with both a mother and a father.


In the best interests of children, and to preserve and enhance society, children must be raised in the traditional family. Because of these interests, laws have been passed to protect the traditional family, including marriage, guardianship of children, adoption and foster care laws, property and inheritance laws, and even divorce. Where in this diagram of society, you might ask, do homosexual couples have a place? The simple answer is that homosexual couples have no legitimate place in a successful society. In the best interests of children, homosexual couples should not be considered for adoptions or foster care.


Gay activists demand that society recognize, approve and accept homosexuality as a respected lifestyle. Steps being taken toward this ultimate goal include: counterfeit marriage with usurpation of the laws and rights granted to traditional marriage, adopting and raising children, and creation of “hate speech crimes”. When a pastor or priest teaches, from the Bible, that homosexuality is wrong and a sin, this is hate speech and it will be censored and the speaker punished. Homosexuals claim that they should enjoy the same “equal rights” as do “straights” or heterosexuals, including their private interpretation of the “equal protection clause” of the Constitution, believing that it permits them to have counterfeit marriage with all the rights, privileges and protections attendant to real marriage.


Heterosexuals have the right to traditional marriage with someone of the opposite sex, the right to have and raise children within a traditional family with all attendant benefits, leading to a stronger and more successful society. In rejecting counterfeit marriage, society in no way denies homosexuals the exact same “equal rights” that heterosexuals enjoy under the equal protection clause of the Constitution. Homosexuals have the equal right to traditional marriage with someone of the opposite sex, and the right to have and raise children within a traditional family with all attendant benefits. All things being equal, neither homosexuals nor heterosexuals have any “right” to counterfeit marriage.


Homosexuals and progressives claim that resistance to the Homosexual Agenda is due primarily to issues of morality, and that society opposes the homosexual lifestyle as intrinsically wrong, immoral and a sin before God. These people, insisting on an absolute separation of church and state, claim that no law should be influenced or founded upon the religious issues of morality or sin. However, in the real world, a great number of our laws are indeed based on religious views of morality.


There are laws against murder, stealing and lying, There are laws against pedophilia and against an adult marrying a child. There are laws against a brother and sister marrying, even if they are a loving couple. Bestiality, and marriage between a human and an animal, are also forbidden by law. All of these are laws based upon religious understandings of morality and sin, the violation of which damages society.


Is there anyone among us demanding that these laws be struck down simply because they are based on a biblical view of what is right and wrong? Laws denying homosexuals the alleged “right” to counterfeit marriage, do not violate the equal protection clause in the Constitution, and are likewise appropriately based on the religious view that the homosexual lifestyle is wrong, immoral, and a sin, and damages the foundations of society.