The Emperor Has No Clothes!

The DISCLOSE Act was forged in dark, smoke-filled back rooms, behind closed & locked doors, with Obamacrats & a gaggle of Most-Favored Lobbyists nose to nose as the special interests wrote in carve-outs for themselves, & the Obamacrats added language that hamstrings the opposition. The Obamacrats claim their legislation increases transparency & provides a more level playing field for more fair campaign financing. In reality, the Act does nothing to increase transparency, while skewing the playing field in favor of the Democrats, and creating an unfair advantage for Democrats, while the Act goes on to provide for warrantless, compulsory submission of sensitive, private donor & member lists to the government, exposing vulnerable opposition supporters to government intimidation & persecution.


The President touts the new financial law as ending any further taxpayer bailouts and as a boon to the consumer. In reality, the financial takeover legislation creates more layers of bureaucracy & red tape that dramatically increases cost to any business offering credit or financial services; this increased cost, of course, is passed along to the consumer.


The financial legislation also gives the Administration unrestrained power to determine at its arbitrary & sole discretion, if a business should be declared insolvent or about to be insolvent, to take over that business, & distribute assets to cronies. This has sent a chill over the business community, as it is forced to think twice before donating to the opposition, when doing so could lead to very real dissolution of the business, in retaliation, by Obama’s new, lethal financial weapon.


Obama’s Stimulus Bill is credited by the Administration with “saving or creating” millions of jobs, & breathing new life into a severely injured economy. The Stimulus Bill was advertised as principally funding “shovel ready” infrastructure projects. The truth is less than a third of the Stimulus money spent went towards anything that even slightly resembled infrastructure projects. Instead of saving or creating jobs, since the Stimulus Bill was signed into law, there has been a net extinction of millions of jobs, most of which were losses suffered by the private sector, and the lines of the unemployed have never been longer outside the Great Depression.


Most of the Stimulus money, which was primarily supposed to help the private sector, which had been hardest hit with the Recession, has been squandered, instead, on shoring up government & union jobs & benefits, and wasted on pork-barrel payback to cronies for political support. Obama & his Administration have stumped around the country proclaiming the Recession over & prosperity in view, believing that if they ritualistically repeat the words often enough, they will magically come true. On their way to imaginary prosperity, Obama & the Democrats swallowed whole Keynesian economic theory: if the government could just spend enough billions, the economy would turn around. The Obama-led race to spend money we didn’t have led to an astronomical deficit; the excesses of today will be paid for by the sweat of our grandchildren in the future. This is not the legacy that Main Street Americans want to leave for their posterity.


But the Family on Main Street is still out of work, is upside-down in its mortgage & is unable to refinance despite record low mortgage rates because appraisal value is significantly less than the balance owed, & the Family is fighting foreclosure, owes thousands of dollars in credit card debt at recently raised exorbitant interest rates, has exhausted savings & tapped into retirement accounts for living expenses, & has put off necessary expenditures for major items like a new roof, furnace replacement, auto repair or an expensive, indicated healthcare procedure.


The Small Business on Main Street is not doing much better: The Main Street SB has been through downsizing & belt-tightening, trying to remain profitable in a marketplace where demand has dropped precipitously. The SB has too much debt, at unfavorable rates, production is down and receipts are too little; money is tight, and the SB no longer has a standing line-of-credit with its bank, which it had used on occasion to cover cash-flow difficulties. On some paydays, the SB owners do not draw a paycheck to prevent total depletion of the SB bank account. As the weeks pass by, waiting for business to pick up, turning into months & then years, the SB begins to lose hope, and wonders if it too would soon have to close its doors. The families & businesses on Main Street are living this economy, and they do not buy into Obama’s hype and illusions of economic recovery.


With Obamacare, the President promised “If you like your health insurance & your doctor, you can keep your health insurance & your doctor”. Claims were made by the Administration that government would not get in between the doctor-patient relationship, that there would not be rationing of healthcare nor any “death panels”, that public funds would not pay for abortion, that Obamacare would contain federal healthcare spending & make healthcare & insurance less expensive for the consumer, and that actual savings from Obamacare would help pay down the deficit.


Estimates of the true cost of Obamacare have recently been dramatically revised upward, and this is now shown to be adding significantly to the deficit instead of reducing it. The cost of healthcare & insurance to the consumer has also increased because of Obamacare. Obama has just recess appointed Dr. Rationing & Death Panels as the director of CMS, the agency that runs Medicare & Medicaid, and he is planning on limiting the healthcare anyone can receive, & withholding care when the bureaucracy determines that you’re not worth it; he will get in your face and stand between you and your doctor to interfere with your care.


In other news, public funds provided through Obamacare may be used to pay for abortions depending on the individual states. Also, most people will not be able to keep their same doctor or health insurance, as President Obama promised on multiple occasions. During the Obamacare debate, a majority of the people recognized Obama’s dishonesty & fought passage of the bill. A smaller but not insignificant percentage of the people, took Obama at his word, and passively accepted passage of the bill, patiently awaiting Obama’s promises to be fulfilled. It is rapidly becoming apparent, even to this smaller, more passive group of Americans, that Obama was not being truthful & is not to be trusted on anything.


President Obama & his Administration have been braying loud & proud about all of the good things Obama has done for the country, the economy, small business and the little people across the nation. However, this self-congratulatory trumpeting rings hollow on Main Street where the lack of any Obama accomplishment is glaringly apparent. The Emperor’s procession moved slowly down the central road of town, lined with peasants cheering the Emperor. The Emperor’s advisors motioned for the peasants to admire the Emperor’s new suit of clothes, handmade of the finest silk by the most skilled tailors in the land, and the peasants clucked approvingly. As the procession neared the center of town, a small boy on the side of the road tugged at his father’s sleeve, “The Emperor has no clothes” he said. On hearing this, all the peasants looked again at the Emperor, and realized the boy was right, The Emperor Has No Clothes.