DISCLOSE: Does It Mean Getting Naked?

 The DISCLOSE Act is an excellent example of Democrat “transparency”, and is pure, naked political aggression being waged against all Americans. There used to be laws that protected political speech from government’s selective censorship, laws that both the people & the government respected. The Supreme Court’s recent decision in “Citizens United” nullified as unconstitutional Campaign Finance Law restricting free political speech. The DISCLOSE Act was written in direct defiance of the Supreme Court ruling. Democrats claim that the bill enhances the transparency of campaign funding, but the truth is that carve-outs for Democrat supporters means that only non-Democrat supporters will have to put up with onerous red tape & reporting requirements, including the warrantless, compulsory submission of sensitive, private donor & member lists to the government.


With Obama in the Whitehouse, Eric Holder in the Justice Department, Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi controlling the Congress, & Obama packing the Court with ideologue cronies, there is little hope the rule of law or the Constitution will prevail or be respected, until this law can be struck down in another Supreme Court case decision years in the future. President Obama, in his State of the Union address, disrespected the Supreme Court & its recent decision in “Citizens United” which struck down censorship of political speech. The DISCLOSE Act is the Democrats’ open disrespect & defiance of this Supreme Court ruling, it is a direct attack on the 1st Amendment and it is calculated to repress any voice of the opposition.


The Democrats are so running scared of the next elections, fearful, & rightly so, that they will become a richly deserved part of the nation’s unemployment statistics. Congressional Democrats intended that this bill would give them a distinct advantage in the coming elections. With this unconstitutional bill, those who support the Democrats are free to say anything, tell any lie and make any false charge, while those who support non-Democrats are not similarly free to clarify their positions, answer false charges or expose lies.


In addition, donors & members of groups that contribute to non-Democrats, especially groups that have been determined by Homeland Security to be potential domestic terrorists, like Veterans, Pro-Life Groups, Conservative Groups, Christians & Gun Advocacy Groups, will end up on Administration “Enemies Lists” and be vulnerable to intimidation & persecution by the vengeful Obama government. The Democrats believe that potential donors to opposition campaigns or causes will be discouraged from donating because of this requirement of the Act, leaving the opposition with little of the financial support needed to carry out effective campaigns.