Graham Defects From Senate, Joins Obama Administration

 Open Letter To Senator Lindsey Graham


Senator Graham, you explained your vote for Elena Kagan, Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, by stating that in the last election, Obama won, and there are consequences of the last election.  While Obama’s election as President gives him the privilege of nominating, as you correctly assert, the win in your last senatorial election in South Carolina, gives you the privilege & responsibility to provide a check & balance to President Obama’s executive powers.  If the President chooses to nominate someone inappropriate to the bench, as he clearly has with Elena Kagan, the Senate has the obligation to deny her confirmation.  The Democrats that voted for Kagan are not excused from this breech of constitutional responsibility, and they should suffer the judgments of their constituents & the nation, but the Democrats have never been inclined to defend the Constitution.  Republicans in Congress have traditionally been the last line of defense for the Constitution and its checks & balances provisions.


Senator Graham, your vote for Kagan’s confirmation, shirking your responsibility to serve as a check & balance in deferring to Obama’s choice for Supreme Court Justice, and breaking that last line of defense for the Constitution that would have been provided by Republicans (who were elected by their constituents to be, act & vote as Republicans, including performing this function), you have failed to fulfill your obligations as a Senator, you have breeched your oath of office, you have been disloyal to Republicans (including your constituents), you have been dishonest with yourself, and you have forsaken the nation.


Senator Graham, your vote for Kagan’s confirmation may be the lynchpin that places on the Supreme Court for life, a person who lacks the character & judgment required, who will be an activist jurist for a secular socialist agenda, who will seek non-Constitution sources, such as international law, with which she will find a basis to support her leftist-activist decisions, who disrespects & will persistently erode the Constitution & the Bill of Rights, who will continue to work to coerce scientific & medical conclusions to her own political will, and who does not believe in & will not uphold “unalienable rights” granted man by his Creator and spoken of in the Declaration of Independence by the Founding Fathers.  Your vote may place this person on the highest court in the land, a person who is unfit for the job and is incapable of recognizing & carrying out the primary, sacred obligation to uphold & defend the Constitution, its Amendments & our “unalienable rights”.


I call on you, and all true Americans in the Senate, to fight Kagan’s confirmation:  Filibuster!

Any decision to continue to support Kagan, to continue to neglect your senatorial obligations and complete your defection from the side of good, truth & light, brings great dishonor upon you; good luck on your new position with the Obama Administration.  Your continued disloyalty to the principles of freedom makes you unworthy to serve in the Senate.  You say that you have great faith in the “consequences” of the last election.  If you fail to correct your poor, misguided, corrupt choices, you will soon become a true believer in the “consequences” of the next election.