Amnesty For Dummies

Amnesty is defined as the action of a government by which designated persons or groups who have committed a criminal offense (usually of a political nature that threatens the sovereignty of the country, such as treason, sedition or illegal immigration), are granted total or partial, conditional or unconditional, immunity from prosecution for the specified crime. Even the potential for Amnesty rewards lawlessness, penalizes legal immigrants &  lawful citizens, leads to a dramatic increase in illegal alien immigration, contributes to the deterioration of American sovereignty, culture & language, undermines our socio-economic stability & growth, & destabilizes the American two-party political system. Amnesty law (AKA Comprehensive Immigration Reform) is not the solution; to the contrary, previous & potential future Amnesty is a large part of the problem. Obama is counting on his conviction that Americans are not smart enough to recognize the perils of Amnesty, or even that his proposal is Amnesty.


Mike Lee, Utah Republican candidate for Senator, suggests a return to the original intent of the 14th Amendment where babies born to illegal aliens would not automatically be U.S. citizens and thereby not be able to serve as “anchors” to bring all relatives to the U.S. There is a huge toll being paid for allowing large numbers of illegal aliens in our nation; this cost to U.S. taxpayers vastly outweighs any benefit from work done and taxes paid by illegals. Immigration law mirroring federal statute, such as that in Arizona, becomes necessary with Obama willfully shirking federal obligations to provide border security & protection from violent illegals. Failing to uphold the rule of law, keeping citizens at risk, and holding border security hostage to Obama’s version of Amnesty for political gain, is criminal, despicable & corrupt, & is further evidence of a decaying, morally bankrupt Obama Administration.


The key to a real solution is strengthening & enforcing current immigration law. If proper enforcement prevents U.S. employers from hiring illegal aliens, these jobs will “dry up” and illegal aliens, most of who came here to work, will pack up & go home without further incentive. Those choosing to commit the crime of illegal immigration understand that family separation is an integral part of this choice. However, families should not be torn apart. Rather, as unemployed illegal aliens repatriate themselves, they should be encouraged to keep their families intact by taking them along with. If some industries truly need foreign laborers, programs can be expanded, & workers can apply for temporary, guest-worker status from their home country.


Mike Lee has a reasonable and practical 5 point plan to deal with the problem of illegal immigration:
   1. Secure the border.
   2. Enforce current immigration law, including dry up jobs for illegals.
   3. No welfare benefits for illegals.
   4. No more “anchor babies”.
   5. No amnesty.
Visit Mike Lee’s website to learn more about Mike’s positions on important issues; I think he makes a lot of sense. Mike has the character, principles & experience needed to help take back our country & get it back on a positive track. That’s why I’m voting for Mike Lee for Senator in November.