Hippodrome: Christians, Jews, Secular Socialists and Conservatives

I suppose you could categorize me as being on the religious right, but I am constantly campaigning with groups that have names including “Christian” (i.e., Christian Seniors Association) and who discuss the preeminence and singularity of “Christian thought and values” to be more inclusive.  In the first place “Christian thought and values” would be little without their basis in the history and foundation of the People of Israel, which includes the Jews. 


In fact, it is the belief of many that the Old Testament is the story of the Original Christian Faith—how can Christians not identify with the Jews? Indeed, Jesus Christ himself, His apostles and most of His early followers were Jews. Christians need to recognize that they are not alone in being people of faith and people who adhere to the Judeo-Christian ethic. In addition, Christians are morally bound to seek out and unite all people of faith in support of this value system.


A majority of Jews were initially attracted to socialism, likely as a defense mechanism against persecution.  Much persecution of the Jews throughout the ages, has come from anti-Semitic, “Christian” faiths. This wrong, suffered by the Jews at the hand of “Christians”, also helped push them toward a more secular, socialist position.  It is also likely that currently, American Jews cling to the Democrat Party and secular liberalism as an extension of their people’s early 20th century move toward socialism based on the need for protection and the feeling of having a voice in what happens in government.


I am impressed, however, with more and more Jewish voices in the conservative camp, and with time, it is my hope that many more Jews will be attracted to conservatism, which I believe is more consistent with the Judeo-Christian ethic.  While admitting to and condemning past bad behavior by, and in the name of, various “religious” faiths, current Christian groups should be certain, by their actions or rhetoric, they do not lay up obstacles to, or stand in the way of, the natural Jewish movement to the right.