I am a member of the NRA.  I have read carefully your explanation, and understand fully, how the NRA got a carve-out, along with Big-Unions and other leftist groups, from the unconstitutional DISCLOSE Act.  This Act is just another attempt by liberals to silence the right, even though we have the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in “Citizens United” which specifically disallows any restrictions on free political speech.  Perhaps their hope is to pack the Court with liberal Justices who will overturn “Citizens United”.


According to your statement, the NRA is a single-issue organization:  the 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.  The method and means of promoting & protecting this single-issue is by the use of free speech, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.  When we lose 1st Amendment rights, we will also lose 2nd Amendment rights, because that is the liberal agenda.  With the NRAs opposition to the bill, there were not enough votes to pass it.  When the liberals provided an exemption for the NRA, the NRA dropped its opposition to the bill, and the votes suddenly appeared necessary to pass it.


Divide & conquer.  This carve-out for the NRA divides pro-gun advocates, and strengthens the anti-gunners.  The liberal agenda is clear.  Just like the Nazis who sent the Gestapo to round up Jews and everyone else stood by thanking their lucky stars it wasn’t them being sent to the gas chambers, the liberals seek to divide and thereby eliminate gun advocates; first everyone else but the most powerful (the NRA), then next they’ll more easily eliminate the NRA while no one else is paying attention or has the right to speak up and protest.  The preservation of gun-rights depends to a great extent on the survival of the NRA, and the survival and effectiveness of the NRA depends on the preservation of free speech.  The NRA cannot, in good conscience, countenance ANY restrictions on free speech (even the speech of others), because it is a direct threat to the NRA & the 2nd Amendment.


The NRA should continue to fiercely oppose the DISCLOSE Act with all of its resources, giving no quarter to the leftist anti-gunners.  It should be crystal clear to Congress that if they vote for this bill, they will feel the full wrath of NRA and gun advocate voters in the next elections.  If the NRA continues on its current path of appeasement, it will lose its grassroots supporters, and wither on the vine.  It would be a disaster for this country if this were to happen.


We have a recent example of this with the process of passing Obamacare.  The American Medical Association is a physician’s education, and physician & patient advocacy organization.  Early AMA support for Obamacare is one factor that contributed to the bill’s passage, contrary to the expressed will of the majority of member physicians.  The fact that the AMA endorsed Obamacare when member physicians were opposed, is due to the AMA’s major income source of copyright publishing of billing codes for medical procedures and services.  By putting income interests ahead of those of its members, the AMA betrayed the medical profession and its role in patient advocacy.  Because of this, there has been a mass exodus of physicians from the AMA, and the AMA has become a shell of its former self.


Likewise, the NRA has financial interests in working with the U.S. military, and the majority of NRA members are opposed to the DISCLOSE Act.  By withdrawing its opposition, the NRA is contributing to this law’s passage, weakening gun advocacy and strengthening the liberal gun-control lobby.  Could it be that the NRA is more highly motivated by its income from the government, than by its grassroots members?  If this is even perceived to be the case, there will be a mass exodus of members from the NRA.  Why not reinstate the NRA’s strong opposition to the DISCLOSE Act,  fight against its passage, and if it passes anyway, fight it all the way to the Supreme Court?


If you do not believe this is the will of the members, why not send out a poll as to whether of not the NRA should do as I suggest?  Doing a legitimate, independent poll of the membership, and publishing its results would go a long way towards reassuring all of the real reason for the NRA to withdraw its opposition to an unconstitutional bill that threatens the freedoms of all Americans.  In dealing with this crisis, this was not the NRA’s finest hour.