Lonsberry, Mike Lee, EnergySolutions & the Constitution

The State of Utah expressed its desire to have EnergySolutions bring jobs, industry and tax revenues to Utah by licensing and taxing ES’s business of treating and storing low-level waste at its Utah site. In the licensing agreement, Utah did not specify the origin of any waste to be stored at the Utah site, but only that it be “low-level” waste.  EnergySolutions then contracted with Italy to import low-level waste to be stored at the Utah site.  Some in Utah objected to the origin of the low-level waste being foreign, and wanted Utah to “change its mind”, and after the fact, decide that now, they only wanted low-level waste originating in the USA.


Under the Constitution, certain powers are granted to the federal government, like national defense and regulating foreign trade.  All other powers not specifically granted to the federal government in the Constitution are granted to “the States or to the people”.  Mike Lee has been true to the Constitution, arguing on the one hand, that States have the power to decide if they will take any low-level waste (as Utah did when it licensed and taxed ES), while on the other hand, only the federal government can decide if the origin of the waste is foreign (regulating foreign trade).  The proper designation of powers to the federal government and to the States (States rights) is prescribed by the Constitution, and Mike’s efforts on behalf of Governor Huntsman and ES have all been consistent with this inspired document.


To the casual observer, Mike Lee’s efforts to secure constitutional rights to all (including ES) may be misinterpreted.  But Bob, you are no casual observer, and you have attacked Mike Lee when you know better.  You are attempting to deceive the people into believing things that you know are not true.  You have adopted the bad behavior of the Democrat Party (eg Obamacare), where everything you say, in truth, is the exact opposite of the facts.  This is despicable when Obama & the Democrats seek to deceive the people; it is even more disgusting when a “conservative” (in name only) former radio host applies the same disgraceful tactics in a desperate act of bitterness.

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