Businessmen, Lawyers, Career Politicians, Pork and Baby-Back (Room) Deals

All the challengers to Senator Bennett worked hard to run positive, issue-based campaigns. Unfortunately, Club for Growth put negative ads on in Utah attacking Bennett. Most Utahns believe that these attacks were unfair and may have actually created sympathy support for Bennett at the convention.  For the most part, outside groups running attack ads in Utah, are not truly helping their cause, and have little influence with the electorate.


Bennett went negative against Mike Lee, taking his words out of context and changing his meaning. I believe this was also unfair, and beneath the dignity of Senator Bennett, although it speaks volumes to the desperation of Bennett’s campaign to continue “my career”.  Bennett’s lose at the convention was a sad sight to watch, however, it’s past time for fresh blood in the Senate and for Bennett to rest on his Laurels.


I believe Cherilyn Eager is an honorable person who would not mislead the people. However, I do have concerns that Bennett & Bridgewater may have agreed to a reciprocal plan to throw his support to the other if the other should come out ahead in the convention voting. We do not need any more back room deals in D.C.


Senator Bennett did not make it out of convention this year largely because of his affinity for earmarks and big-spending Washington pork.  While Mike Lee has been criticized for being a Constitutional lawyer, lawyers are generally “small businessmen”. Despite the fact that Bridgewater talks the talk well, he can’t be classified as a true “fiscal conservative” or even “businessman” if his “business” is feeding off government pork. I can’t help but wonder, is Bridgewater just a younger Bennett?


We need a true fiscal conservative in Washington to help us deal with our current economic crisis, and we need someone with a strong foundation in the Constitution to help us deal with our constitutional crisis.  Mike Lee has the background, experience and character best suited to helping us take back our country.  Please join me in voting for Mike Lee for the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate on June 22.