Environmentalism now has a book of Revalation

Here’s my review for “The Day the Earth Stood Still”:



Like any good religion, Environmentalism has come up with their own prophetic vision of the end of the world: their own “Book of Revelation” if you will. The name of this story: “The Day the Earth Stood Still

Spoiler alert: this movie sucks, so I’m just going to tell you what happens.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” is a remake from a 1951 movie about an alien that is sent to earth to destroy the human race as it has been deemed that we are too destructive for the safety of the galaxy. The original centers around nuclear proliferation with the basic premise that we are eventually going to destroy the entire planet. This premise alone is kind of silly; I mean a civilization that is advanced enough to build a spacecraft that can warp the fabric of space-time should have no problem coming to Earth and educating us humans or even simply removing all of our nuclear weapons but instead they decide to just kill us all to keep us from… killing us all. That seems pretty hypocritical. Either way, with the modern day Islamic Conquest going on and fears of terrorist nations like Iran gaining nuclear weapons they had a lot of material to work with to make this a relevant and interesting remake…

Unfortunately, they decided instead to turn the story into an Environmentalist end-of-days myth. Instead of nuclear proliferation, in this movie the alien is all pissed off about global climate change as brought about by human-caused CO2 emissions. He arrives in his spacecraft (originally presumed to be an asteroid on a collision course) which descends from the heavens above Manhattan in an angelic energy orb that emits brilliant rays of light. Clearly this is Jesus returning to the earth to take his believers up to heaven, but unfortunately the writers decided that we Americans would react extremely violently and the alien was greeted with all sorts of military vehicles and personnel, including a sniper that decides to shoot the alien in the chest for no reason whatsoever. It is such a typical cliche about the military and Americans that it’s just boring, and a really idiotic turn in a sequence that started out with tremendous potential.

As a quick aside, I really do hope that we as a society have come to the realization that if a civilization is so advanced that they can travel among the galaxies then they are also sufficiently advanced to both stay hidden from us and destroy us at their whim. Which means that if we ever do have aliens land their spacecraft in a crowded area and then come on out to meet us then they are trying to make contact peacefully; otherwise we’d all be dead before we saw them.

Anyway back to the movie: after Jesus, er, I mean Klaatu gets shot there emerges from the orb a giant, laser-eyed robot that immediately disables all of the weapons and somehow brings Klaatu back to life. If he’s not a sci-fi version of an arch-Angel, then I don’t know what is. The robot then deactivates and the military whisks Klaatu and the scientists away to some installation where they hope to probe and interrogate him. During the surgery to remove the bullet, they discover that this alien has taken on the form of a human body so they try to use evil torture methods like a lie detector test (again with the ridiculous cliche) but the main human character to this point (Dr. Helen) helps him get away. Shortly thereafter Klaatu and Helen meet up and she decides to help the kind alien evade the authorities while on his still undefined mission.

Along the way Klaatu has a meeting with another alien in human form and we learn the details of his mission: to decide if we humans can change our dirty polluting ways and if not, destroy us all. At this point, the aliens are decidedly anti-change (how ironic,) and Klaatu sets in motion the process of “saving the planet” from us humans. Dr. Helen then takes him to his next destination (she still has no clue what’s going on) which is in a wooden area with a pond, where the alien then brings up a smaller orb that’s apparently been hidden there, collecting animals from the local ecosystem. This is where Klaatu actually starts the process of renewing the earth as he sends a signal to all of these orbs around the planet to gather up their animals and leave. They do so in spectacular fashion, ascending up into the heavens as magical balls of light. So, instead of Jesus saving the believers as in the Christian Revelation, enviro-Jesus is saving all the animals. 

After seeing the orb ascend into Heaven Dr. Helen asks Klaatu what is going on, but before they can get into it they are interrupted by a highway patrolman that has been tipped off as to their location. The patrolman tells them all to “stick-em up” but Klaatu decides instead to smash him in-between two cars and then bring him back to life. Not exactly the most logical actions for such an intelligent being but a great opportunity for the writers to make another Jesus alliteration. Enviro-Jesus is just like regular Jesus except he really, really cares about CO2.

Having seen this Dr. Helen can take no more and she demands to be told what is happening. Klaatu informs her of his green mission and Dr. Helen pleads with him to give us dirty humans a second chance. He tells her he wants to go talk to the UN (haha) but she informs him that they’ve all panicked and left so she takes him to her Nobel Prize-winning buddy’s house to try and change his mind. Meanwhile, a horde of futuristic silicon-based sci-fi locusts has been released by the giant robot and they are devouring everything man-made (including people) in their paths. The rest of the movie is filled with touching moments where the alien really gets to know the humans and he sees just how loving and sweet we really are. Finally he decides to stop the process of human slaughter and touches the giant orb which releases an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that disables all electronics around the entire globe, including the silicon-based sci-fi horde of locusts. Hilariously, (or extremely boringly) the entire EMP scene is filled with visions of environmentally evil devices ceasing to work, such as oil rigs, oil tankers, power-sucking city light grids, etc.

So, as you can see, I was thoroughly disappointed by this movie. I thought it would be entertaining but it just turned out to be more Algore inspired propaganda: this time with all the parallels to the Revelation. 

More disturbingly though, I believe this movie illustrates the principle problem with the environmentalists: rather than spend their time educating us all about actual environmental problems instead of myths like global warming; they are instead trying to scare us all into giving the government authoritarian power in order to “fix” the “damage” we’ve done. So instead of helping us all to learn to conserve and change the world in actual beneficial ways, they are using the authoritarian, forceful option of empowering the “all-knowing” force of government. Rather than helping us to change, and therefore hold the free-market accountable for any polluting practices with our choices, they are going to kill us all by crippling the economy via government control in the name of “saving the world.”