Michael Moore on Larry King CNN

I loved CNN….But I think Larry King’s suspenders are on way too tight. What were you thinking? Michael Moore is so far left it is frightening. It backfired.Michael says we only know Sarah Palin for 7 weeks, just how long do we know Senator Obama? Her lack of experience is often reported, but how about Barack’s lack of experience as a candidate for the president of the United Sates; it is downplayed. You can’t have it both ways. In the work place that would be discrimination and wouldn’t be tolerated. What we have learned about Senator Obama in the short time we know him, he has little experience in a time when 700 thousand people are being foreclosed on, he wants to spread the wealth, and has no clue during a time of war. Michael’s plumbers for Obama does nothing to convince me to vote for a man who pals around with terrorists, refuses to say anything with any substance, hides facts about himself and has a Kool aid drinking crowd. My brother in law is a plumber, he began under another plumbers license just like Joe the plumber wants to. He now has his own business with many new construction contracts and yes he earns over $250,000 and most important, he employs several Joe the plumbers in his business by creating JOBS (a 3 letter word). How dare Barack Obama say the American dream can not be achieved.Michael Moore is the last person I would seek for advice on such critical issues as our countries future. I would be more frightened to leave my children with Barack Obama than Sarah Palin. His arguments have absolutely no merit. CNN reports one sided views. I’m tired of it. Biden made the blunder of the week and we never hear a word about it. Sarah Palin would have been hung from the nearest tree if she said anything even close to what Biden said. CNN was on in our house almost 24/7, but after the misleading comments about Sarah Palin in their most recent interview of her, I will be watching FOX from now on. CNN owes her a apology, CNN is attempting to mislead voters. I’m gonna miss you Larry. I’m turning off CNN.CNN has an obligation to report the truth, you let us down, I for one held CNN to a higher standard.“CLICK” TV is off! Barack Obama, disclose your associations, a medical report not just a page that says your in good health. I have to wonder what else we don’t know or your hiding and will find out after November 4th. Be honest…You were not 8 when you launched your political career in Ayres living room. Just be honest.

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