Mike Lee does not take his own advice

US Senate candidate
Mike Lee does not take his own advice.


Previous to convention, I promoted the following principle:
“You are trying to promote and defend a candidate, not attack others trying to do the same. Target candidate issues, records, statements, or possible conflicts of interest. No writing about family member…s or character assassination.”

That principle was something both the Eagar, Bennett and Bridgewater campaigns generally seemed to follow. A principle many of the Lee supporters would not follow. It cost Mike Lee at convention. After, Mike and campaign claimed those people were just being rogue, [even those with campaign titles] and said they would and could not control them.

When other campaigns before the convention went after Mike’s statements, he said they shouldn’t do that, he wouldn’t do that, and usually implied they were lying.

Now that Mike is doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do, I assume he wants us to now ignore him and ask the other guy what the truth is.