A suggestion for the "Chattering Class"

I posted this, to the best of my knowledge, original idea over at Right Nation.
I thought of it after reading Malkin’s bit about the Pork demonstrations against the ‘stimulus’ bill, and some subsequent rallies.
I noted that there have been several almost ad hoc efforts to send Senator Schummer loads and loads of Pork Rinds to protest the spending that is attendant to seemingly EVERY program the liberal government has.
But I am somewhat surprised at the lack of outrage at the “chattering class” portion of Senator Schummer’s comments.
So……feeling that the Senator from New York is in desperate need of reminders of just who the “chattering class” is, I proposed the following.
Do NOT send Pork products to Senator Schummer’s Office.
Instead, buy and send Chattering Teeth Toys!
Imagine the potential of a properly orchestrated effort to send hundreds of thousands of Chattering Teeth Toys to the Senator who believes that no one in America listens to his disgusting comments!
I don’t know how to manage or even plan something like this, but I suspect someone does!
I just think that receiving tons and tons of a basically worthless product, ones that even a charity wouldn’t be likely to want, would be a grand Public Relations slap in the face!
And returning, many times over, the slap in the face that Senator Schummer gave anyone who disagrees with the spending monstrosity that is Porkulus I……sounds like a great idea to me!