Ya know.....11 Feb 09

For all the ‘non stimulus’ spending (otherwise known as Pork) in the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” (or whatever it’s final version name is going to be), there is one thing that seems overwhelming to me, and underwhelming commented on.
And that is the pace at which it is “working” it’s way through Congress.
Perhaps I missed the memo, but I don’t recall that legislation of a non emergency nature, and rarely even those, moves through the whole House, Senate, Conference process this quickly, EVER!
Perhaps the Patriot Act after 9/11.
Oops, never mind, THAT was emergency legislation.
And perhaps there have been others, post Katrina comes to mind, but even so, to some extent, the need for those was mostly pretty easily identified. (I know, a lot of non Katrina crap got stuffed into this “emergency” bill, but most was identified for more direct Katrina/Rita relief, no?)
So, why would the Democrats, who have an absolute majority in both houses of Congress (the ‘moderate’ Republicans have sold their souls to the liberal devil, and certainly can’t/won’t be part of any filibuster now.) look to rush this bill through, probably to be signed by Mr Obama before the weekend?
What do they know is in there, that would cause even the most ardent liberal voter to object?
Last I heard, the bill was something like 700 pages long and, no doubt, growing with every passing second. And I don’t doubt for a second that there isn’t a single Representative or Senator who understands even 20% of it.
But I’ll bet my last dime that Obama, Reid of Nevada, and Pelosi know the specific parts that would cause even Mr Obama to have to reconsider signing it.
When whatever it/they are that is so outrageous that the American people will belatedly raise their voices in opposition is finally made public, it will be to late.
Which is the ONLY reason I can think of for such speed in getting this monster established as the law.
Kind of like the way the first TARP bill moved through.
And likely with pretty much the same results.