Ya know......


of the things about the Porkulus Bill that the Charmer in Chief Obama, Queen of America Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid of the Senate are pushing so damned hard, and it’s only ONE of the things, that bugs the Holy Hell out of me is how all these previously named Liberal A$$hats are being allowed to get away with blaming the entire economy mess on President Bush and the Republicans.
As if the Democrats weren’t in charge of the Congress for the last two years of The Bush Era!
As if the Democrats in Congress, for years and years, didn’t stand shoulder to shoulder in the way of any meaningful regulation of the Government backed Financial entities, Freddie anf Fannie, that are at the root of the housing crisis, which is/was at the core of the economic crisis.
And most of all to me, that the newly crowned Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. “I didn’t understand the tax laws”, is declared the


person on the planet who can solve the problem.
However, what I don’t hear ANYONE, not ANYONE at all, reminding anyone else is that when his name first came out as the ‘wonder kid’ who was perfectly, and singularly, suited to save the country, and maybe even the world, ONE of the reasons he was touted was that he had been

    principally involved in preparation of TARP, management of TARP and knew more about it then ANYONE else in the Universe

The same TARP that it was reported wasted 78 BILLION dollars in crap buys of toxic assets!
78 BILLION of the first 350 Billion spent was tossed into the gutter!

    over 20% of the funds

, and he has just been put in charge of the remaining 350 Billion!
Can we expect another 20% waste?
Will the total amount of wasted TARP money be in the neighborhood of 156 BILLION dollars?????
And, as I said earlier, even those who on the financial shows are calling for his immediate dismissal as Secretary of the Treasury, are not mentioning this little fact!
Nope, all they are doing is talking about how his tax problems are/were so much more egregious then Daschle or the woman who bailed from the Chief Performance Officer job!!
Where the fact noted above, IMO, shows that the so called most brilliant man in the world, the ONLY dude who understands and can manage the remaining TARP funds, and whatever hundred of BILLIONS in the Porkulus bill, screwed it up the first time around!
What the heck is it with people, supposedly smart and knowledgeable, that they simply won’t call a spade a spade, and DEMAND that Tim Geithner be given the bums rush out the fraking door???
I really,


, REALLY don’t understand this at all!