On giving President Obama "a chance"

and why I simply can’t/won’t.

Blame it on Al Gore, the self described inventor of the INTERNET.

OK, to be completely fair, he did not say that exactly, but pretty close.

He certainly allowed the claim to persist, even if only as something of a joke.

Like the Big Lie, even a joke, if repeated often enough, becomes something that enough people believe that it becomes, for all practicable purposes, the truth.

So, I cannot and will not give Mr. Obama a “chance”, and it ALL begins with the INTERNET.

One day, a long, Long, LONG time ago, at least as far as web time goes, there was the beginning of what is now being declared the most efficient political campaign for the Presidency ever. I mean EVER!! At least that’s the claim of just about every pundit on the planet.

And it is a bit difficult to not acknowledge the fact that whatever else I might think of Mr. Obama, he was the darkest of dark horses, perhaps the most unlikely person in American history to win the Oval Office.

Most any other candidate for even the Senate of the United States would have failed because of a singular lack of experience. Exactly how he managed to win the Senate seat from Illinois is not the subject of this little rant, although it no doubt would have shed a lot of light on what was to come. And is coming now that he has attained the highest office in the land.

In any event, back on my own self imposed topic……

When Mr. Obama was working like the devil just to develop name recognition in the early Democratic Primaries and Caucuses, fighting an apparent vertical uphill battle against the presumed Democratic Candidate, Mrs. Bill Clinton, no one gave him much of a chance.

Oh there was talk about how wonderful and soaring his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention was. How he was a rising star in the Democratic Party, and would, in some future year maybe be the first black President. But no one with the misapplied title “political expert” was looking at anyone but Hillary for not only the Democratic nomination, but the first Female President of the United States. People just  knew that the vaunted Clinton Machine, along with an, at the time, huge war chest, would be a shoe in for the Democratic nominations AND the quick run to the Presidency.

Again, how Mr. Obama managed to destroy not only many other Democratic want-to-be candidates, but take the “Inevitable” crown away from Mrs. Bill Clinton is subject matter for a different screed.

As I said, back when Mr. Obama was struggling just to get his name known, before the Iowa caucuses, there was a left winger over at a different Conservative site (Right Nation (shameless plug)) who provided me a link to the pamphlet that the Obama campaign had sent to many people in Iowa.

It was called “The Blueprint for Change”.

It was 40 or so pages long, as PDF document’s add or shed pages depending on various things.

I downloaded the file, and read through it.

Then I took a little more time, and read it again.

Then I spent a whole lot of time, reading and re-reading it.

And it scared the Holy Hell out of me!

Not because it represented a direct threat to me, but because it seemed to encapsulate every bad, rotten, “guaranteed to fail” liberal idea I had ever heard of!

It listed, without bothering to talk about costs, all the different programs and increases in Government everything he had in mind.

It talked of a Corps for just about every social engineering plan I have ever heard of, and all at Federal Government expense.

It showed how Mr. Obama intended to grow Government to the point that it would be easier to list things Government wasn’t intruding on then the opposite.

From child birth to college education.

Every single aspect of health care.

Saving for retirement.

Inner city gangs, unemployment, failing schools…..

The list of Social issues alone was massive.

On foreign policy, Mr. Obama clearly intended to progress to the past, citing some imagined new Diplomacy trick to return America to the equally imagined love fest of years past.

I could go on and on about his stated plans for imagined reduction in our dependence on foreign oil, or fuel efficiency standards, or a new energy grid, or broadband connectivity for all.

But the point I want to make, the point that means that I cannot and will not give him a ‘chance’ is that he laid out his agenda long before there was any belief that he would ever be in a position to enact it.

And I decided that for me, my family, and the Country that I Love, his plans, agenda, and intent to move this country to the social/political left even a little, and his path is way more then a ‘little’, was unacceptable to me.

His pick of so many former Clinton Administration Officials, along with some decidedly unsavory others in lesser known positions, proves to me that his “Govern from the Center” is nothing but a slogan.

The center of what?
Certainly not the center of anything resembling a reasonable split of the political spectrum!

So, in summation, I will not sit quietly by and watch as Mr. Barack Obama very obviously takes this country into the cesspool of yet another failed Socialism Experiment.

I’ll point out, to whatever audience I can, every step to the left. Every single item I can find in every liberal proposed bill in the Congress, for the Oval Office is not the only place this agenda of socialism is being crafted.

And if that means I am somehow ‘failing’ to give Mr. Obama a “chance”, well that’s correct.

I’m Not giving him, or his socialist agenda, a chance.

Because I have no interest what so ever in living in the kind of toilet bowl country that would result if he is successful!


Note: This is my first try at publishing a diary entry here on Red State. If I screwed it up, my apologies in advance. Mods, or whatever the site guru’s are named here, feel free to correct formating errors. Thanks.