We Rightists are all fools


Speaking of Obama and his presidency, vast majority of the Right masses and media commentators are fooling themselves into believing things unsupported by evidence, and not seeing things which are supported by evidence. To be fair, this folly is due to our good natures and our confidence in democratic processes, rather than due to our (Leftist allgeged) lack of intelligence.

In this article we point out the folly and its fatal ill-effects on the future of the Republic. We also suggest a corrective to the folly, and hence, a way to rectify the course of Obama presidency, along with that of the rest of the Federal government.

The biggest mistake we on the Right generally make is the following:
Obama and his Leftist cabal in the Government, being americans afterall, are bound to work in the best interest of the country.

Now, we, the American people, being the good, open hearted, and open minded people, there is an implicit belief that generally all people like to have good intentions most of the times, and that if they seem to fail in these assumed or stated intentions, it must be that they either met hard luck or were not competent enough to carry out the job. It is this automatic, axiomatic belief that causes us to posit the above Assumption about the government and Obama.

It is our contention that most of the people who are in commanding positions in the government are at least of above-average intelligence, and most are aware of what actually works and what doesn’t when it comes to the good of the country. Now, we see this bunch of people day after day doing one insane thing after another, defying the will of the public they will have to face in the elections, defying direct rulings of the SCOTUS, defying laws, rules, regulations, and every common-sense standard of decency and truth. Things so insane that even a five-year-old can tell that not only can they not work, but also that they will actually destroy what already IS working.

At this juncture, we have two options. Interprete this behavior, which is bizarre even by politicians’ standards, under the axiomatic assumption above, OR we can let the behavior stand on its own, and let IT suggest the most obvious interpretation. Well, the most obvious interpretation is to take their actions, and not their words, at their face value. If we do that, we immediately see that if such a reasonably shrewd and cunning bunch of people are acceleratedly doing things which can have only one outcome—destruction—we must conclude that what they really want IS destruction.

So, what exactly is it that they want to destroy?
In a word, they want to destroy the REPUBLIC.

All other destructive behavior springs from this desire to destroy this thing called the Republic. Now what is Repulic and why would anyone want to destroy it?

Ours is a democratic form of government, but first and foremost, USA is a republic. A republic is a nation formed by CHARTER, such as our Constitution, which supercedes the government, and the purpose of our Constitution is to SEVERELY LIMIT what the democratically elected government is allowed to do to any INDIVIDUAL in the country.

This makes sense, because the danger called ‘tyranny of the majority’ is always inherently and inextricably tied to the very concept of a democracy. Our Founding Fathers, who were some of the most gifted intellectuals ever to have lived, naturally saw this danger. And when i say ‘intellectuals’, i mean actual intellectuals rather than those imposters masquerading today’s academia and media, pretending to be intellectuals.

The danger of a crowd voting to do anything it pleases to an individual, or to a smaller group of people. Since, clearly, the job of limiting this potential tyranny can not be given to the crowd, i.e. the government, there must be a charter of the nation, a Constitution, which overarches and supercedes the government. A Constitution, in which must be spelled out what the government, i.e. the crowd, can not do to any individual or groups of individuals. In essence, that is what the Constitution is. From its very inception, it is a prohibitory document, which by definition comes before any government, and the language is unambiguous. It says that the Federal Government can NOT do anything other than an extremely limited number of things, which are explicitly listed in the document.

The Left’s idea of the Government is fundamentally, diametrically, opposite to that provided for in our Constitution. The Left thinks that government should have UNLIMITED powers over the individual. This is because their idea of government is that of tyranny. Naturally, they have to destroy the very basis for the freest nation in the history of the world—the Constitution.

So. The goals of the Left are simple, and have always been the same. To enslave the populace so that the elite ruling class can rule in perpetuity. The first time the Left completely succeeded in this plan was in the beginning of the last century—Soviet Dictatorship was formed. We have all seen the logical, inevitable, consequences of such a tyranny—the tyrants had to murder over 60 million of their own citizens—mostly for speaking out against the tyrants.

Next time this idea of tyranny succeeded in Nazi Germany. Thus, Hitler came into power with more or less legal means, and immediately set out to piece by piece dismantle the Weimar Republic, and eventually established a dictatorship. The name NAZI itself is an acronym for National Socialist Party. Besides the name, which was rather perfunctory, the entire course of NAZI Germany is exactly identical to any of the hundreds of SOCIALIST governments established world over since the beginning of the Communist Soviet Union. The only difference between the Communists and Nazis/Socialists/Fascists is that the former usually refers to a government which comes into existence by socialists taking over the government by a military coup, and/or a ‘revolution,’ in which main actors are the civilians. Other than this, and details of how the government goes about implementing its tyranny, there is no fundamental differences among these various forms of tyrannical governments. Their goals are the same, and so are their methods. Goal is to rule, by force, and method is to enslave, suppress, starve, imprison, and/or murder the citizens. By this definition through essence of the affairs, even Saddam, Khomeini, and all other tyrannies fall under the heading of ‘Leftist Tyrannies’. Again, the difference between this particular type of tyranny and the original Leftists, i.e., Socialists/Communists/Fascists/Nazis, is that former lie that their tyranny is in the best interest of God, while the latter lie that their tyranny is the best interest of ‘the people’. If you look at their their methods, and their results, there is no essential difference between the two kinds.

The Right, on the other hand, is founded on the principle of supremacy of an individual over the government, latter being considered a necessary evil, and is tolerated only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary. Now some people who claim to espouse this political system ALSO practice a rather peculiar pathology of Nazism—white-supremacy. This is the excuse American Leftists use to associate Hitler with the Right, and hence go on to call all rightists Nazis. Of course that is a hoax—everything about the Left is a hoax. Its very foundation is a hoax. If you see a Leftist very vigorously and passionately pushing a certain agenda or a viewpoint, or a theory, you can be 100%, without fail, conclude that it is based on a hoax, a fraud, or worse.

The example of the Soviet Union was adopted in all corners of the world—so we had Hitler (don’t let anyone tell you Hitler was ‘right-wing’), Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Che et al.

Together, these gentlemen murdered 150 million human beings—mostly their own citizens, or their neighbors citizens. All civilians. We are not talking about war casualties. We are talking about pure simple cold-blooded murder. And they enslaved the rest of the populace—which amounted to roughly half the population of this planet. All in the name of common good. Socialist economy and/or Communist form of government. And it is not an accident that *LEFT* had to murder and destroy hundreds of millions of lives. The fundamental coercive nature of Left is in direct conflict with human nature—which strives to stay free of any coercion, and revolts against such coercion. The Left, because of its very nature, HAS to suppress this human nature by indicriminate use of force. And any opposition has to be Eliminated. Hence the murders and gulags and Soviet Unions and the Third Reich.

This, your modern Left of the USA, along with their leaders such as George Sorros, Obama, Hillary, Nancy, Harry and thousands such others, are direct decendents of the gentlement listed above in connection with the murder of 150 million souls. In fact, if you study the history of the Left on this planet as a whole, you can find direct, student-teacher heirarchy starting at least with Hegel, Karl Marx and such all the way through to Obama. Direct intellectual lineage, and direct political lineage. That is one good thing about the left, they have been 100% consistent in their beliefs, which haven’t changed for 150 years, at least, and they like to consider themselves as a part of the ‘World Leftist Socialist Communist Fascist Community”.

This is very similar to how muslims world over regard themselves as mere parts of a world-wide community, nation really, of Islam. It is called “Islamic Ummah”. Indeed, similarities between these two socio-political faith-based counter-reality cults are so many and so profound that if aliens visited earth today, they would start asking the question: how come there are two seperate bunches of people, two separate religious cults, when their goals seem to be almost identical? Islam’s stated goal is to perpetuate itself by taking over more and more of the Globe until the entire planet is under its boot. Same is the case with the Left. And this is absolutely necessary for the two, because both base their very existence upon looting and robbing others. If they run out of people to rob, they just take over the next country. When the globe is under the boot of one of these two monstrosities, it will last for a while, and then self-destruct, because ‘the trouble with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”

Islam and the church of Left together account for an estimated 99% of murders committed by the mankind ever. Not to mention the ruined lives of the survivors who were enslaved by these two religions. Again, let me emphasize that we are not including casualties of wars of agression that the two cults have have fought.

Is it any wonder, then, that the American and the international Left, is the only group of humans who want to DEFEND, aid, and abett, the Islamist menace? Of course, the Left has been using the Ismaist tendencies to create havoc in the free world to their advantage for past 100 years, at least.

Coming back to Obama, lately I have read many a commentators saying things like, “oh Obama is a failure” and “oh he is incompetent”, and “oh Obama presidency is imploding” and “oh he does not have good leadership qualities” and “oh he can’t fix anything …look at economy, gulf spill, iran, this and that”. This is what I mean when I say the Right is fooling themselves. The reason is simple. Oh yes Obama has failed at everything YOU wanted him to do. Save economy, save the country, secure it from Islamists, secure it against illegal immigration, kick some commie ass… etc. But who told you that that is what HE ever wanted to achieve? He has been crying from the rooftops for at least 20 years now, what exactly it is that he wants to do to the Constitution and hence to the USA. Every single utterance of his, every single word he has ever written, every single lecture, every single speech belies, mostly explicitly, what he wants. Same with the other components of the current Leftist government and their comrades in Media, Academia, Unions, and Entertainment. They have been, almost like the Islamists, VERY forthright as to what they want. Just noticing that what they have said for decades is consistent with what they are doing right now, should be a sufficient argument to support the basic thesis of this article:

They are the most dangerous enemies America has ever known. And if they succeed, they will remain so for ever.

I say the latter because Obama is perhaps the most spectacularly successful Leftist politician that western world has known. He is successful beyond his own wildest dreams. His presidency is not a failure, he lacks no leadership skills; just look at how he commands the armies of the Left within the government in order to enact his agenda—and succeeds every time. Just notice how he commands the armies of the Left entrenched in the Media, Academia, and Judiciary to do his bidding and facillitate his path—from his campaign on all the way through the present moment. Of course his obvious lack of any substantial intellect is a moot point—what he lacks in intellect, he compensates with his inherent cunning, and absolute unscrupulousness. This is very similar to those mafia families heads you learn about in real life — Mario Puzzo’s version ascribes just too much ability to ‘reason’ etc. to those criminally insane individuals. Just like media ascribes similar attributes to Obama and his Leftist clique (including themselves).

Once we are willing to accept the truth that his agenda is exactly opposite of what an American president would naturally want for his country, it is very easy to see his successes for what they are. So, dear conservatives, republicans, libertarians, tea-partiers, and/or all the Right people of this country, do yourselves a favor—instead of dismissing Obama as a fool and incompetent and failure and such, openly decry his SUCCESSES—which are legion, and are evil. We must identify the enemy, and understand and publicly say the exact nature of the enemy. Unlesss the whole Right of the american people can in unison say that Obama is an Enemy, and a very successful one at that, and hence extremely, mortally, dangerous one, WE CAN NOT HOPE TO DEFEAT THIS BEAST. And the sure consequence of that is total destruction of the Republic.

Any questions?

Now I present a play-by-play commnetary on how many ways and to what level Obama has been successful in his destructive agenda, so that even the most casual of the political observers can say, ‘sure, of course, that makes sense.” As opposed to that, if you can bring me a single event in which Obama has been decisively defeated without recourse in implementing his agenda, I will personally give the person $101.

So here are a number of ways Obama has been a very successful destroyer:

The Obama Campaign
The greatest achievement of Obama and his machine is that they succeeded in brainwashing an overwhelming majority of americans into believing that he is a ‘centrist’. A centrist is, by definition, neither for individual freedom and liberty, nor for total tyranny of the government. In short, a centrist is a person who has no principles—not even evil ones of the Left. A centrist is an opportunist politician who will use Left and/or Right to perpetuate HIS own political life. For example, although his wife is a Leftist, Bill Clinton is not completely that. He is a ‘centrist’. Meaning, a man without any principles. He bats for his own butt. And nothing else.

Obama is definitely NOT one of those.

Obama is the most extreme form of the Leftist. A person who wants to grab power by lying—his entire campaign was based on lies about who he is, and obfuscation of documented evidence which could shade light on who he actually is. Besides that he lied about how he intends to run the government, if elected. A systematic, premeditated lie about ‘government transparency’ and ‘accountability’ and ‘Government on C-span’ and similar things. To some extent, a politician HAS to lie, in order to get elected. In most instances, it is difficult to keep even genuine promises. For example, when President Bush Sr said, “read my lips: No new taxes”.

And such broken campaign promises are commonly occurring phenomenon. However, these happen in one out of ten promises that a politician makes. Not because a politician might be an individual of integrity, but because of the fact that he will have to go back to same constituents to beg for votes in the next elections, and it makes survival sense to try to keep as many promises as he can.

This is NOT the case with Obama. He deliberately and without any scruples based his entire campaign on 100% lies. Promises he knew beforehand that he was never going to keep.

Thus, his carefully manufactured persona of a man of reason, and deep thoughfulness, and deliberations, and of a superlative intellect, and a magical executive—not a single one of those is true. If you read words uttered, or written, by Obama, and look at his past ACTIONS, you would have realized in 2007 that this guy is a complete fraud — which is considered a complement among the Leftists. Because fraud is the essence of the Left.

One thing he IS good at is (metaphorically) slicing any number of throats to achieve what he wants to achieve.

As soon as he was elected president, he changed his entire tune. He started with appointing some 38 czars, each not reviewed and/or approved by Congress, each chosen with one, and only one thing distinguishing him from the rest of the mildly liberal world—absolute dedication to extreme Leftist goals. Not a single one of his appointees is anywhere NEAR a centrist or even mildly ‘liberal’. Every single one of them can be said to be at least as insanely Leftist as is Obama. And that is plenty.

The purpose of this profusion of ultra-Leftist czars was/is to by-pass the Constitution to implement the tyranny envisaged by such sages of the Left. People were saying, ‘how could he appoint all these inasanely Leftist indivduals as czars, who are, by definition, not accountable to anyone but himself? My question was, and still is, how can he possibly implement his tyranny WITHOUT such criminally insane bunch of people serving who are not accountable to the Congress or anybody else? People seemed to overlook the obvious implication that if he is the leader of this looney bunch by choice—he must be the worst of the bunch.

The same with his cabinet and his various agency heads. An entire administration consisting of avowed communists, Islamists, and all almost openly having declared themselves the enemy of the Constitution and of America at one point in time or another.

Then started what I have come to call The Great American Power Grab. Only a year and a half into his presidency, with two and a half year more left, he has implemented his Leftist tyranny with a speed and force never before seen in American politics.

The first of this was in the name of ‘saving the economy’. The result was the “Stimulus Bill” which, even a fifteen-year-old entrepreneur in Silicon valley could tell has no chance of stimulating anything, but was CERTAINLY designed to cripple the economy WHILE providing a trillion-dollar bribe to people who had helped elect him to the office.

About ‘saving the economy’: It is a historical fact that there is only one way a government can save an economy—by ceasing to destroy it. By reducing the chains and bullying and robbing that it has burdened the economy with. The sure way to further destroy the economy is to further burden the economy with more taxes, more regulation, more bullyig, and by accumulating more debt. So what does Obama and his Leftist cabal do? They instate the precise measures prescribed which are known to further destroy economies—and they instated those in numbers, and magnitude, with astoundingly acclerating speed. The lession to be learnt—they WANT to cripple, if not totally destroy the economy. A poor and suffering populace is easier to crush for the tyrants than a well-fed healthy happy populace. Because it is the former that the Leftist can promise riches and happiness to, but the latter doesn’t need the government to be happy and content.

Next step was the multiple bailouts of the companies that failed because of the previous destructive bullying practices of the Left. Some of those companies were actually taken over by the government, handed over to the unions, and their shareholders were paid pennies on the dollar—with all the illegal force of the federal government.

Another trillion dollars down the drain. Despite hoopla about various companies ‘paying back the bailout money’, a very small fraction of the money has been returned—the rest, there is no chance of being returned. Some companies actually borrowed more money from the government (through the ‘stimulus program’) in order to pay-back their debt to the government. This is like I robbing Citibank or even borrow from Citibank, to ‘pay-up’ my balances on my Citibank Credit Card. There is only one hoax bigger than this ‘bail-out’ a nd ‘stimulus’ hoax—anthropogenic global warming. Naturally, both are being perpetrated by the Left.

Almost simultaneously, Obama administration began immasculating our military. Although this process has been going on since Reagan left office, it has particularly accelerated in past 18 months. Why would an American president want to water down American military while fighting two wars, and a global meltdown in sight? Again, whatever makes America strong, makes the Left weak. Remember, the Left is not limited to America, although America is its prize trophy.

We have already noted, the ambition of the Left, in general, and Obama in particular, is to rule the entire globe. A strong and free America, with its Constitutional Republic, a strong strong economy, and its strong defense forces to protect all these interests, is the nemesis of the Left. So, for instance, the Leftist have tried almost for 80 years now, to weaken American military, opposing its every single engagement in war—regardless of who the enemy is, and especially when the enemy was the international Left and its armada—Soviet Union, Korea, Vietnam, South America, Saddam’s Iraq, Khomeini’s Iran, and even Hitler’s Germany—this latter was muted by the fact that America’s involvement made possible Soviet Union’s victory over Nazis from east, and subsequent takeover of entire eastern-europe.

Another significant reason why Obama needs to hose down the military is because military pre-dominantly consists of indviduals of the Right. Aside from the general principle of weakening one’s enemy, this particular group of the enemy camp is the chief force that Obama hopes to employ as the ‘commander-in-chief’ against American people—because he knows that the direction he has chosen to go, sooner or later the people of America, who are about 66% Conservatives/Rightist/Right-leaning, as opposed to a measely 22% ‘liberals’, will certainly rise against his tyranny.

We will talk about this more later in the article, but for now, we note that if we assume he is anti-american, it is very easy to explain almost his whole presidency, indeed his whole life.

Again, from the very beginning of his presidency, his czars and his agencies such as FEC, FCC, SEC, EPA, FTC, etc, have been building (and implementing) strategies to enact Obama’s tyrannical vision through executive branch—currently in conjuction with, but later, if necessary, independantly of, the Congress. He knows his cabal in Congress will almost certainly loose big in November 2010. It is a very real possibility that the opposition will gain huge majorities in Congress, thus inhibiting the enactment of his agenda through legislation. Well, folks, there are roughly 1300 federal agencies, all but a handful, are under the Executive Branch. These agencies virtually have the power to ‘legislate without actual Congressional vote’. They can make up ‘rules’. Which may or may not be within the mandate given to them by the legislature. In the latter case, we can challenge it in the Court. The Court, when it eventually gets to it, may even strike down what it deems unconstituional. The next day the same agency can issue pretty-much the same rules with different wording, and again the judicial review may start anew … there is no way to check this runaway administration. Specially when time is of essence, such as in current times. This is already happening. The Drilling Ban was struck down by a Federal court, the decision was appealed, and Obama lost even that appeal. Now he is talking about issuing ANOTHER ban of the drilling. Again the whole process starts. Meanwhile, rigs are sailing away to other countries where nutcases are not ruling.

Another instance is the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission tried to grab absolute power over the internet, but the Supreme Court struck down their attempt by saying that they don’t have a legislative manadate to control the Internet. So what they do? Give up? No. They are in the midst of reclassifying, completely on their own, the Internet as a ‘phone company’ and then proceed to control it. Meanwhile Financial Reform Act just gave Obama the power to literally shut down Internet in the case of “National Emergency”. Why go through all this trouble? Because the Right predominantly uses Internet to spread the news and analyses about Obama’s tyrannical designs and their implementation. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Pot Pol, Saddam, Khomeini, and many other tyrants start by taking control of the information sources, the press, the radio, the television, etc. Now all these are already in Obama camp, but talk radio, and Internet are the only remaining means of spreading any opposition to the regime. By the way, talk radio is already under attack by the regime. This is yet another illegal maneuver by the regime. The FCC is pursuing to shut down right-wing radio talk show by something called ‘diversity ownership rules’.

FTC, the Federal Trades Commission is busy subsidizing and hence nationalizing the failing conventional media under the name of “saving mainstream media” …

Yet another illegal trasgression is the regime’s attack on AZ Immigration Law. Not satisfied a bogus lawsuit against AZ about immigration being only the business of the Federal Government—a business they refuse to attend to—now they have declared ANOTHER lawsuit against AZ for “racial profiling”. And now folks, they have succeeded in practically nullifying that constitutionally passed law of the State of Arizona under blatantly false pretexts.

The list goes on, folks. List goes on.

The moral of the story—Obama is going to do whatever he wants, by hook or by crook. Mostly by crook.

The Federal takeover one-sixth of US economy—the Medical Industry.

The Federal takeover of the Finance Industry in the name of “Financial Reform”

The Federal takeover and kneecapping of the entire US economy in the name of “Global Warming”— the Cap-and-Trade Bills. Through that bill, they can put an arbitrary limit on how much CO2 you can emit, and hence control and kneecap almost any business, industry. People are led to believe recently that the Bill is dead. Not so. AFTER the elections, and before the 112th congress will convene, they have a two months window to pass any number of criminal Acts (pun intended) as a ‘lame duck’ congress, and at least half a dozen leading Leftist politicians in the Government have indicated that they are going to do it. Heck, if i were the Left, i would do it, too.

EPA, has declared CO2 a ‘pollutant’ and “dangerous to humans”. Those who don’t know about CO2, it is basically the air you breathe out. Last time CO2 levels rose some 50% or so, we had something called The Carboniferrous Era, in which the plant life, and consequently the animal life, too, on earth flourished so much that it supported evolution of huge reptiles (and everything else huge, too). Also, all the oil and coal in the world was formed during the carboniferrous era. Why is CO2 deemed dangerous by the EPA? Because CO2 levels in the atmosphere has risen half a percent in last 150 years. That’s the official excuse. The real reason is to handicap your life and mine, through impoverishing American economy and taking control of your means of transportation — cars, trucks, airplanes. Less you are free to drive, haul, and fly, less the economy produces. The latter, incidentally, is the purpose of this Global Warming Hoax. Also the tax collected by Cap-n-Trade can be, and is intended to be, used to subsidize a whole lot of under-developed countries, which goes towards their goal of controlling and ruling the whole world.

Then there is blanket Amnesty for illegal aliens living in America. They want to give every one of those illegal aliens the Citizenship of America, and they want to do it NOW. So that those newly minted Citizens can vote for them in the upcoming elections, 2010, and 2012. This agenda item is called “A Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. Do you see a pattern here? Every single destructive agenda item is being promoted as an effort to “fix” this or that “system” that they declare “broken”. Of course, in each case, the “fix” is designed to make the problem worse, and hence exploit it to further their own communist/fascist agenda.

This is just a small sample of literally hundreds of measures adopted by Obama and his Leftist crooks to “fundamentallly transform” America—meaning, convert America from the most proserous and the freesest country into a weak, poor, and enslaved country.

Now folks let’s talk about how to stop this evil from devouring our Republic.

But before we do that, we must understand the enemy’s situation on the battleground. The enemy is cornered. Yes. He did not expect to see as much opposition to his agenda as Americans have exihibited. And before that happened, and even after that, he has revealed just too many of his cards, his evil designs, his desire to destroy America, and his methods to achieve that. It follows, and he knows this more than most of the Americans do, that this is a make-or-break battle.

This is the FINAL battle for him. (and for us—his victims). It is winner takes all. He knows that after what he has done openly, brazenly, and direct defiance of the electorate, the laws, the Judiciary, and the Constitution, he stands no chance of ever gaining power in washington by any democratic means. On the other hand, his mission is not complete yet. On one side is eternal oblivion, never to rise again; on the other side is a very substantially good chance of compeleting his mission, AND surviving in perpetuity. Any moderately intelligent enemy would choose the second option. That is what he HAS chosen. He is NOT going to let go of the power just because electorate says so. He will try to steal elections, but even  better, just suspend elections. If you think carefully, he does not HAVE to give elections to the people. He can simply declare a “National Emergency” and suspend elections indefinitely, and quietly go about enacting his destructive goals.
That is why you don’t see the enemy worried about loosing elections in Nov 2010. Infact, as soon as it became clear that he will loose big in Nov—and this happened after NJ, VA, MA subelections last year—he ACCELERATED his obviously overwhelmingly unpopular agenda. A normal politician under normal circumstances, who is looking at huge defeats in next elections would look at the direction of the wind and change his tune accordingly—at least until that election passes. Not this one. It is obvious that he is NOT going to let those elections come in his way—one way or the other. Even if the FREE untempered elections take place in NOV 2010, we, the Right, can not possibly win a veto-proof majority in the Senate. There simply aren’t enough seats in the run. Even if we win every single seat in the election, we still will not have a veto-proof majority. Meaning you can not undo ANY damage already done to the Republic. You can not repeal Obamacare, nor Financial “Reform”, nor at least half a dozen other such monsters they are going to unleash in lame duck sessions. Nor can you “defund” Obamacare, as so many giddy Rightists are hoping to do. You need a veto-proof majority to do ANYTHING through congress that will impede or stop or roll-back the agenda of the beast. And by that time, Obama will already have so much more executive power (through the deliberately ambiguous and openended powers given to him by the congress’s legislative labors), he will have absolute control over your necks. He will not NEED congress to do anything. His agencies have already started consolidating this power “to legislate without having to legislate”. And 2012 will NEVER come. No FREE elections will be allowed to happen. So if 2012 election actually takes place, i will bet all my worth, it is 100% certainty that Obama will win. There is no other possibility that the enemy can afford to allow, or HAS to allow. So folks, this is the end-game of the enemy.

SO how do you fight such an enemy? How do you stop this tide of the Left?

First and foremost, not a single one of “democratic” (with lowercase ‘d’) methods tried so far have succeeded, and now with immensely more power amassed in the executive  branch, have even less chances of succeeding. Thus, protests, townhalls, writing the senators, voting at elections, appealing to the Judiciary etc. has not worked, and will NOT work. The only Constitutional means left is that of People directly demanding a redress against the runaway a government—a right recognized by the Constitution. The most effective way of doing that, it seems to me, is to flood DC with millions and millions of Americans, and unlike teaparty rallies, this time, we demand total reversal of the course the government has taken, and NOT LEAVE until the government unconditionally meets all over demands. Picture an ongoing, indefinite time, open-ended rally of people, coming and going as their lives permit, WHILE maintainting overwhelming numbers in the streets of DC. No idle protest— DEMAND, and refuse to leave until government yileds. Of course DC is the nexus, the enemy’s house, and hence the importance, but that campaign can be very fruitfully complemented by a massive campaign of CIVIL-disobedience, across the board, and accross the country, in any and all forms possible, at any and all opportunity that presents itself. The Teaparty is ideally suited for such popular demand for redress against the excesses of the Leftist government. IF only the Teaparty will come to its senses and stop wasting energy and precious TIME in useless and ineffective methods of what they consider ‘fighting’. In particular, they should stop putting their confidence in elections, writing to senator drives, impotent rallies where at the end of the day everyody goes home, until next year, etc … November 2010 elections are useless as a means of stopping (or even fighting) the Leftist beast. Simply because it is ARITHMETICALLY impossible to get VETO-PROOF majority in the Senate. So, yes, go ahead and run for elections, but don’t delude yourselves about it having ANY effect on the march of the Left. The only REASONABLE thing for the Teapartier to do is—-start marching towards DC, with an intent to stay until the government yields to our demand. Literally, every individual who cares, and who can, should just start walking, biking, riding, driving, flying, hopping, towards DC. Everything else will fall into place.

If anyone wants to discuss the details of how this plan can work, and will work, feel free to contact me personally.  But above all, for crying out loud, disseminate the points i make in this article to anybody and everybody who will listen. Most of the Rightist media is just too timid to come out in open and say what must be obvious to everyone. Word of mouth is the only way we have left. Feel free to put links to this article wherever you wish, feel free to print, publish, transmit this article wherever you please as many times you please. Feel free to ‘steal’ the article and publish it under your name, if you are so inclined—important thing is that the message should go around, and should be shouted from every rooftop of America. It does not matter whose name it is shouted under. If the Rightist media and observers/commentators are reading this article, please, in the name of heavens, try to give it as much currency as you can—again, if you have to steal it, go ahead. Do it with my blessings. But make it known. And then lets gather around, huddle and discuss the battle plans. As Gene Hackman says in “Crimson Tide”, “We don’t have TIME to screw around.”

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