How The Government Will Take Over the Health Insurance Companies

Original Post: http://www.usawatchmen.com/blog/post/2010/03/26/How-The-Government-Will-Take-Over-the-Health-Insurance-Companies.aspx


If current insurance companies must drop all pre-existing condition clauses and agree to have no out-of-pocket limit then don’t you think they will be raising our premiums?  Are they supposed to just eat the cost of whatever the difference is?  They already only make a 3% profit, so even if they offer their services for free they will be loosing money.  So what does this mean?  It means that insurance companies will be firing employees left and right and looking for a way to not pay on claims.  Even before the bill they were bad about paying claims right away.  Now if you get injured the insurance company will be looking for any other source to reclaim expenditures.  Workmans comp, liability, personal, business they will be after any and all of these other insurance providers.  Then after a few years of being billions of dollars in the hole, they will be out of business, or they will need a bailout.  Can you see where I’m going with this?  Then the Government will own the insurance companies and you can say HELLO to SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM!!

Blue Cross and Blue Shield?  Nope…Obama Cross and Obama Shield! 

Mutual of Omaha?  Nope…Mutual of Obama! 

UnitedHealth Group?  Nope…United States Government Health Group!


Disclaimer for Democrats:  It is not my intention to incite fear and/or anger.  This is simply my thoughts as to what COULD happen because of this new health care bill.