What about the GOP ideas for Health Care Reform?

Well my friends I’m afraid that my soul searching is over now and I’m back to reality.  I was actually fully convinced that Mr. Obama was going to be adding the GOP’s ideas for health care reform,  but I think this was just a ploy.  Politically it would have been very smart to include these ideas, because if the Republicans still said “No”, it would make them look bad.  I was fooled into thinking that Mr. Obama had people working on these possible additions since the Health Care Summit last Thursday.  Instead all that was presented was a letter.

You can read it here:

Mr. Obama’s letter to the leaders

This is a load of crap.  I think tomorrow I’m going to write a letter to by bank and let them know that I will be adding funds to my account.  They won’t have the money but they should just take my word for it.  Unless you are a complete idiot you must understand that these GOP items will never be included in this bill in full.  As for tort reform it might include funds for pilot projects in the states to explore alternatives to resolving medical malpractice disputes.   There will be no capping of malpractice awards.  Mr Obama has made it very clear that he opposes these caps.  He did seem to like the idea of conducting random undercover investigations of health care providers that receive reimbursements from Medicare.  But that sounds like a Liberal idea anyway.  My take on his response to all other issues is… SCREW YOU.  He says “I’m open to exploring ways to address this issue” and “I’m open to including language to ensure that is clear.”, let me translate this for you… SCREW YOU.

I WAS willing to accept much of the extra garbage in this bill if they included the GOP’s ideas.  And I meant really include the meat and potatoes of these ideas.  The GOP has them all written up for you to see on their website.  But after this crappy letter, I am even more against this bill than I was before.  I’m not just against it, I’m pissed off that Mr. Obama actually thinks he is being bi-partisan.  Mr. Obama you have made a very costly mistake, you could have included some very simple yet vital Republican ideas into this huge piece of legislation and in turn you would have acquired support from a great number of us.  But instead you slap us in the face with more broken promises.  We will now rally together even stronger than before against this.  You had your chance and you blew it.