Enough With The Sarah Palin Bashing

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I’m going to address a few issues I’ve been hearing recently.

She is stupid and/or a country bumpkin:
Well she was smart enough to be a Governor, a vice presidential candidate, and a #1 book seller.  How did she do these things if she was so stupid? And to all of you that have said this.  How many of these things have you accomplished?  None, so what does that make you?  No she didn’t graduate from Georgetown, Oxford, Yale or Harvard, but George W. went to Yale and Harvard and you called him the same things.  So what hell do you want? One of the greatest presidents ever also didn’t go to any of these prestigious Universities, and that was Ronald Reagan.  He went to Eureka College, in Eureka, Illinois.  Look at all the attention she has garnered just from this past weekend, good and bad.  Everyone was certainly talking about her.
She received 120k for the speech at the Tea Party Convention:
Mr. Clinton received 4.7 million from speeches in 2008 while his wife was campaigning for President.    Why wasn’t that a problem?
She stumbles with her words, and writes things down on her hands:
Give my a break!  She’s a real person, not a lawyer or politician.  It’s what she says and believes, not how she says it, that touches so many people. I’d rather have someone stumble with truth, then speak a lie perfectly.  Mr. Reagan even admitted to reading from cue cards and having reminders written down for him.
She doesn’t have enough experience:
Ummmm…Barak Obama?  Enough said.
I think Sarah Palin appeals to many people because she is a normal everyday person.  She hasn’t been pampered and feed with a silver spoon all her life.  She is a Christian with strong Conservative beliefs.  She likes to hunt and fish and ride snowmobiles.  She cooks supper and does laundry.  She is a role model and someone with morals and high aspirations.  She is EXACTLY what this country needs right now.