ObamaDrama, Gates, & hiring an African American

Obama just increased African American unemployment.  How?  What bosses well know is that Professor Gates isn’t the only one who can bring an unfounded grievance against authority; an employee can, too. 


Clear Message:  If you’re black and he’s white, facts don’t matter

Obama, the black mayor of Cambridge, and the black Governor or Massachusetts swiftly reminded us how such grievances are decided: it is a rigged kangaroo court; you are judged guilty.  Judgment is swift because there is no presumption of innocence; there is no need for a trial since facts don’t matter.


Get of jail free card—most won’t get that White House beer

We all know that if Sgt Crowley hadn’t had loyal Hispanic and Black partners on the scene with him, there would have been no White House invitation for beer and his hard-won, career reputation would be forever tarnished.  Most bosses don’t have a politically correct swat team with them to silence such any subsequent ‘ObamaDrama’ when they make a decision that results in a grievance.


ObamaDrama in your workplace

President Obama, confirmed that in ‘post racial’ America, we are not all just Americans.  There are special Americans among us (as his Supreme Court nominee has also made clear in her comments and court decisions).  That is exactly the wrong message to send on race; and it is being received (71% of African Americans polled over the weekend agreed that the President was right to call Sgt Crowley stupid [and by clear implication, racist]).  What President Obama doesn’t get is that bosses don’t want to hire special, potentially high-maintenance employees.  Why risk a bunch of ‘ObamaDrama’ when there is real work to do?


ObamaDrama in your Doctor’s office

By the way, do you really want to insert this same facts-don’t-matter-Washington-knows-best ‘ObamaDrama’ into you and your doctor’s next health care decision?