Beware of "I Stand for Children". I received e-mail below.


Will you join me in committing to vote in the 2010 elections?

Stand for Children believes strongly that every child deserves access to a quality public education regardless of zip code or economic status. We believe we have an opportunity right now to improve public schools for this generation and generations to come

Our work is shaped by our organizational values: results for all children, bold independence, empowering, entrepreneurial leadership, being the change we seek, and direct and respectful communication.

Stand for Children wants you to become an active Education Voter.  The choices Arizona voters make in the 2010 elections will have a significant impact on deciding the future of education for our children.  We believe an Education Voter is not defined by their party affiliation, but by a commitment to making sure that education is a high priority for our elected policymakers.

The upcoming 2010 elections will decide who the policymakers will be as we continue to move forward with meaningful reform of our school financing and education systems.

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The NEA and progressives’ tentacles run deep.  I have no idea how these people got my e-mail address.  Every time I see something for the “children”, my BS meter goes off.  So I did a little research. “I Stand for Children” is a sub-organization of the Children’s Defense League which was founded by Marian Wright Edelman.  She is a buddy of Arne Duncan.  Her son took Arne’s old job at the Chicago Public Schools, and has recently been fired for doing nothing but close down schools.  Of course, “I Stand for Children” is not affiliated with any political party (HAHA), and is dedicated to our public schools, social justice and economic security.  They currently have affiliates in AZ, CO, MA, OR, TN, and WA.  It must be a newer organization just in time for November. How many people get these innocuous e-mails, express an interest, and then become a part of the Propaganda Machine?  How do you fight the sheer numbers of them????

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