Bringing A Revival to Conservatism

Please don’t dismiss this blog as someone wanting to build houses. I want to build civilization in a way that brings bonding between people and fashions character. I want to enforce the lessons and morals of history upon people. I want to bring fervor, awareness, excitement, and definition to the conservative movement.

According to the man that gave nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union, the strongest weapon in the world is the truth. With information there is power for conservatives. I simply want people to know th truth about how all things work. The truth that I have is a science I believe the Roman Empire possessed.

I believe we should change the future building format to all stone and all cob construction (see definition at the end this blog for Cob house). This would solve a myriad of problems. There are many reasons why this would dramatically change America for the better.

The record of history is clear. The Romans believed in changing architecture to change people. The Romans leveled cities they conquered and rebuilt them after their ways. I believe that we need to change future building construction and that will change the American people for the better. Changing building methods changes allot things. Stick framing was never intended to be the mainstream building effect. I believe it is still possible to build two new cities in America and reverse current trends thereby.

For those that read this that are Christians: My theories are based on Romans 1:20 and other verses that refer to the dispensation of “Conscience.” To go along with this you might have realize that America was founded on Christianity. The three branches of government are based on Isaiah or Jeremiah. In the dispensation of Conscience people were accountable for seeing God’s character in nature. What was made by God needs to be incorporated in buildings, because that which was made by God convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment.

From the scriptures stone does almost “talk” to us. And the Bible says it seems to talk to us “clearly.” Creation was made by God to convict of sin, righteousness and judgment. A stone house is like a mountain, or pillars of justice as the trees. Stone vindicates God. The more stone people use the better.

UEH uses a “God-made” material. Stone possesses an intricacy that only the hand of God can do. “The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalms),” and so does the rest of creation. Stone tells a story of the past.

Before Christian missionaries ever went into the jungle to witness to natives there, the natives already knew about God already. God used trees, sky and brooks, as well as mountains to speak to their hearts about God before hand. They knew that God was a God of age, the God of justice. They were ready to hear they were sinners, and they knew that God was a God of judgment. If our land contained the forrunner of the messages God gives, then there would be a healthy fear (reverence) for God.

Satan or evil, is the author of trash and the ugly. They don’t have reflection pools of buildings in America, because the buildings aren’t good looking enough. The buildings that I prescribe would be stunning and beautiful. Therefore, they would be edifying. Christ did that which was edifying.

Older housing might make automobile designs older (humble), and designs of older clothing (modest) more popular. Because housing would change, so might fashion. The up and coming trend would UEH (US2EurostoneHomes). Christian movies could made with the new background. Besides stating it action, it would recommend it publically, in it’s conservative agenda. It champions the fashion of the old fashion.

UEH encourages couples to stay together. There is a castle or house of stone in Europe that has had the same family for 900 years. There must not have been allot of divorce or temporary relationships in that family. It is well known that European families move just two or three times in a lifetime. This means that they might want to hold on to their stone house, so they don’t move. This might also mean there would be a few less abortions performed. Permanent housing begets permanent relationships.

UEH agenda is cerebral and age oriented. This is the opposite of modern trends, where the flesh, the physical and looking skinny world is geared toward. For example magazine covers in a grocery store, proclaim that there are other ways other than true character. Also, at West Point there are field stone buildings there, and the feeling there is high order, cerebral orientation.

At the London Tower bridge the feeling there, and it is intentional, is “calm.” “He that ruleth his own spirit is better than he that captures a city (Prov. 16:32).” Remaining calm is a good thing, and accomplishes allot. Calm is the benefit of UEH, even if the person is homeless, at least they wouldn’t have to look at ugly buildings or developments.

“A free people [claim] their rights as derived from nature…(Thomas Jefferson).” UEH uses the same principles as America’s founding fathers, that human rights are derived from nature. UEH exposes natural substances for what they are. They usually aren’t painted over, but carry the thrust of God.

Many times, Europeans do not want to come to America, because we are known as the land of the violent. Stone houses plus the U.S. Constitution have never been tried together before. Stick framing was never intended to be the mainstream building effect. It raised cities overnight, but temporary ones only. Building non-stone cities is almost like denying people the right to breathe. Your denying them the silent witness of Creation.

People of Afican origin appear to be much more cultured in England. People whether black or white act more “Sanguine,” (see poplular Christian literature on temperaments). “Sanguine,” is the higher character of the four temperaments. African-English don’t seem to speak “Ebonics.” African-English get so very caught up in English culture, the culture is so strong that all races get caught up in their culture. Being cultured is to have character.

Crime is a big problem in America. Because this housing is naturally sound deadening, houses could be built closer together. This would provide more security, making more witnesses available, and providing easier and better investigations to crime. It would also provide export of lumber from America, since less lumber would be used.

Christian prophecy states there will be plagues in the last days. Stone houses could could be built with stone interiors and tile floors, making them capable of self-cleaning using hot water power washing apparatuses and squeegeesto clean houses with. Houses could be sanitized.

The age of Baroque is the age of gentlemen and ladies. To adopt the housing of that time or earlier is to adopt the theme of that age. It’s an age where men are given over to nobler objectives. (The age of Baroque is the 17th and 18th centuries).

Baroque classical music reflects directions of men to nobler objectives. There’s something about Baroque classical music, that sets itself apart from all other classical music. The U.S. Constitution was born from the age of Baroque. We don’t have to be victims of an ungodly age. We can rather pattern a better age.

There is a growing disrespect for the military, or there could be in the future. A UEH house built of stone can be designed with military configuration, being essentially a mini-castle. UEH is pro-military.

America is soft, stone is hard

America is feminine, stone is masculine

America is lenient, stone is strict

America is physical, stone is cerebral

America is wet, stone is dry

America is open, stone is shielding

America is artificial, stone is natural, genuine

America is open to different trends, stone is unchanging

America is highly alcohol consuming (or drunk), stone is sober

America is pro-youth, stone is pro age

America is flexible, stone makes rules strict by nature

America is wimpy, stone is tough

America is becoming overly warm, stone is cold

America says “live for today,” stone boasts “live for tomorrow”

America is nomadic, stone is permanent

America is emotional, stone is stoic (unemotional)

Definition of a Cob House-A house with walls of clay, sand for strength, and straw in a mixture. Cob houses in the U.K. have lasted for 500 years. Cob houses look good in conjunction with sharp pitched roofed stone houses. Stone houses might be able to built as cheaply as a wooden one through innovation and development. And cob houses cheaper than a mobile home. Mobile companies can build sectional homes.

Do the words of sin, righteousness and judgment convict you? Please, go through the Ten Comandments to see how you’ll do on Judgment Day and if you are good enough to get into Heaven:

Have you ever told a lie? Have you stolen anything (irrespective of its value). Have you used God’s name in vain? Jesus said: “Whoever looks at a woman to lust has already commited adultry in his heart.” Have you looked with lust? Will you be innocent or guilty on Judgment day? If you have done those things God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. The Bible warns that if you are guilty on that day you will justly end up in Hell. God made a way for humanity to be forgiven.

He sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross for guilty sinners. We broke God’s Law, but Jesus paid our fine. That means God can legally dismiss our case. He can commute our death sentence and let us live: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  Jesus then rose from the dead and defeated death. Please, repent (turn from your sin) today and trust in Jesus. You will never regret it.

Then read your Bible daily and obey it (see John 14:21). We only get to Heaven on the basis of God’s righteousness given to us in Christ, and as a free gift of God’s grace (see Ephesians 2:8-9). Thank you for reading this blog.

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