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Please don’t dismiss this blog as someone just wanting to build houses. I want to build bonding between people and fashion character. I want to have a place called a “common” for people to assemble for each new community, and a general store for each community. I want to bring fervor, awareness, excitement, and definition to the conservative movement.

I would like to start a conservative non-profit organization. The NPO would innovate and educate people to make all stone and all cob houses (see definition at the end of this blog) like to that of Europe, more feasible in the United States. Billions of dollars are available for non-profits since all corporations have to give a percentage on their profits by law.

With information there is power, and I believe the world has the right to the information I’ve written on this, under the title of New Sociology. I don’t know what the future of America is, but I am an optimist. I believe that my information is powerful enough that if America falls in decline, I can reverse it.

You could be my board member, you could be located anywhere and use go-to-meeting of conference calls to communicate. I can find the money for an NPO. It only costs $495.00 to incorporate. Most board members I believe wouldn’t be able to get paid.

Now why would anyone give money to what I call the Foundation for New Sociology or UEH (US2EurostoneHomes). People would give to Ueh because it promotes the attitudes of Rush Limbaugh. 1) Older housing would make older car designs and older clothing designs fashionable, because housing would change, so would fashion, the up and coming trend would be Ueh. Besides Ueh stating it in action, it would recommend it publically, in its conservative agenda.

2)Ueh encourages couples to stay together. There is a castle or house of stone in Europe that the same family has occupied for 900 yrs.. There must have not been allot of divorce or temporary relationships in that family. It is well known that European families move just two or three times in a lifetime. This means they might want to hold on to there stone house, so they don’t move. This might also mean there would be a few less abortions performed. Permanent housing begets permanent relationships.

3)Ueh agenda is cerebral oriented and age oriented. This is the opposite of modern trends, where the flesh, the physical, and looking skinny world is geared towards. It is the opposite of New Age, being contempory, and modernism. At West Point there are field stone buildings there and the feeling there is high order, cerebral orientation.

4)At the London Tower bridge the feeling there, and it is intentional, is “calm.” “He that ruleth his own spirit is better than he that captures a city (Proverbs 16:32). Remaining calm is a good thing, and accomplishes allot. Calm is the benefit of Ueh, even if the person is homeless, at least they wouldn’t have to look at ugly developments.

5)The example is a Christian one, to go along with this you only have to be conservative, and reconize that America was founded in part from Christianity, The three branches of government came from Isaiah or Jeremiah. Ueh uses God-made materials, and stone possesses an intracacy that only the hand of God can do. “The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalms),” and so does does all of creation. Stone tells a story about the past. Romans one states:

“have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made (by God)(NASB)”

From the scriptures stone does “talk” to us.  And the Bible tells us it talks “clearly”  to us. Creation was made by God to convict of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Judge for yourselves and see if the scriptures don’t reign in as true. A stone house is like a mountain or pillars of justice as the trees. Stone vindicates God. The more stone people use  the better.

Before Christian missionaries ever went into the jungle to witness to natives there, the natives already knew about God already. God used trees, sky, and brooks as well as mountains to speak to their hearts about the character of God before hand. They knew God was a God of age, the God of judgment. If our land contained stone houses, it would contain the forerunner of the messages God gives, and a healthy fear (reverence) of God.

6) “A free people [claim] their rights as derived from nature…(Thomas Jefferson).” Ueh uses the same principles as America’s founding fathers, that human rights are derived from nature. Ueh exposes natural substances for what they are. They usually aren’t painted over, but carry the thrust of God.

Europeans many times do not come to America, because we are known as the land of the violent. Stone houses, plus the U.S. Constitution, have never been tried together before. Stick framing was never intended to be the mainstream building effect. It raised cities over night, but temporary one only. Building non-stone cities is almost like denying people the right to breath. Your denying them the silent witness of creation.

7) People of African origin appear to much more cultured in England. People whether black or white act more “Sanguine” (See popular Christian literature on temperments). “Sanquine,” is the high character of the four temperments. African-English don’t seem to speak “Ebonics.” African-English get so very caught up in English culture; the culture is so strong all races get caught up in their culture. Being cultured is to have character.

(8) Crime is a big problem in America. Because this housing is naturally sound deadening, houses could be build closer together. This would provide security, making witnesses available, providing easier and better investigations to crime. It would also provide export of lumber from America, since less lumber would be used.

(9) Stone houses could be built with stone interiors and tile floors making them capable of self-cleaning using hot water power washing apparatuses and squeegees to clean houses with.

(10) There is a growing disrespect for the military, or there could be in the future. A Ueh house built of stone can be designed with military configuration, being essentially a mini-castle.


America is soft, stone is hard

America is femine, stone is masculine

America is lenient, stone is strict

America is physical, stone is cerebral

America is wet, stone is dry

America is open, stone is shielding

America is highly alcohol consuming (or drunk), stone is sober

America is pro-youth, stone is pro-age

America is flexible, stone makes rules strict by nature

America is wimpy, stone is tough

America is becoming overly warm, stone is cold

America says “live for today,” stone boasts live for tomorrow

America is nomadic, stone is permanent

America is emotional, stone is stoic (unemotional)

Definition of a Cob House-A house with walls of clay, sand for strength, and straw in a mixture. Cob houses in the U.K. have lasted for 500 years. Cob houses look good in conjunction with sharp pitched roofed stone houses. Stone houses might be able to be built as cheaply as wooden one through innovation and development. And cob houses cheaper than a mobile home. Trailer companies can build modular stone houses, panels or roof systems.

I want to increase innovation in all stone and all cob assembly. Engineering needs to be done. There needs to be a NPO to develop these. I’m looking for board members and an assistant chair person. Persons should be easy going with good common sense. Knowledge of masonry helpful. Meetings could arranged through go-to-meeting or conference calls. My e-mail address is [email protected]. Thank you.