Why the Dems NEED Obamacare - a short screed

In short, Democrats feel they have to pass Obamacare because if they don’t, the Republican Health Care Reform proposals WILL ultimately pass, and they know they WILL work, and Republicans will get credit for it. Successful health care reform will go down in history as a Republican, not Democrat, success.

The bill the Dems have been working on for ‘sixty years’ will have failed, and the one the Reps have been working on for a year will have succeeded. And that means again that Progressivism will have failed, and Conservatism won…. not just in the short term… but in the long run.

Dems will not only lose the bill, they will lose their route into control of 1/6 of the American economy, and lose it PERMANENTLY. They see losses in November as acceptable by comparison.