WASHINGTON, DC –September 25th

There will be a national prayer gathering of Muslims on the west front of the U.S. Capitol Building. They are expecting at least 50,000 to attend from mosques all across America. They will gather to pray from 4:00 AM until 7:00 PM. The gathering will take place by the site where U.S. Presidents have been inaugurated since 1981. The organizers say that it was Obama’s inauguration speech in January and his speech broadcast from EGYPT in June that gave them the idea for this prayer gathering on Capitol Hill.

Given that the permits have already been issued, it’s kind of interesting that nobody in the press (at least that I’ve been able to find) is telling anyone about this up-coming event. They cover Code Pink when they show up 10 strong, but not a public prayer meeting where 50,000 people are scheduled to show up.

The interesting part to me is the ‘why’ of it not being mentioned. After all, they ignored 9/12 until it was forced upon them, then they dismissed it as substantially irrelevant, and as a result they were burned pretty badly. You’d think they might at least take a minor interest.

Are they afraid there will be associations made between the Muslims and Obama? They certainly have no fear of crying ‘racism’ at any possible potential opportunity, so one has to wonder why they are not jumping at the chance to get out front with this story so they can start the accusations of rabid Islamophobia if anybody even notices.

I guess the bottom line is…. If it doesn’t serve the specific purpose of advancing the Obama agenda of the moment…. It is just not really news.