I was driving down the freeway with my wife the other day, when I noticed a large group of men by the roadside wearing orange jump suits and stuffing roadside litter into orange plastic bags.

We had just been discussing all the “green jobs” that the stimulus package and Obama’s budget were likely to produce, and wondering when we would start seeing the creations of the government largess being spread about in this “futuristic” area of investment. I realized then that the “green jobs” were already beginning to be filled! Here were about a dozen men working diligently at a green job in my very presence. At least these folks wouldn’t have to worry about losing their homes for lack of being able to make a mortgage payment!

I started thinking about all the roadsides across the country, and all the people that must be being employed to keep them relatively litter free, and asked myself, “Why isn’t the major media covering this? This something people ought to know about!”

Anyway, the noticing of the green jobs has for me, come at a propitious time. I just found out I’m about to be laid off over at Chrysler, and I could sure use one of those green jobs (I think I could handle that roadside thing) that Obama just created.

Can anyone tell me where I go to apply?