My Letter to JN

Secretary Janet Napolitano

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528

April 13, 2009

Dear Secretary Napolitano:

I am a regularly-retired police supervisor with over twenty-five years law enforcement experience. I am also an honorably-discharged Viet Nam era veteran (a Special Forces medic to be exact), who later joined the National Guard.

As it happens, I am opposed to abortion on principal, as well as illegal immigration. In both my military and
police careers, I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. The government required it of me, but I was happy to oblige.

The Constitution includes (in case you are not familiar with it) what we citizens like to refer-to as “The
Bill of Rights”. There are Ten Amendments in the “Bill of Rights”, and each of them is a gosh-darned real part of the actual Constitution. Even number Ten, which limits the power of the Federal Government pretty-much to certain things that are specifically enumerated in the regular part of the Constitution, and
grants all other rights to the states or the people. You ought to read it sometime. It’s really pretty neat! Even though it’s not followed much these days, I still think it has some real merit.

From what I have heard of your recent DHS warning about “right wing extremism”, I guess I qualify as a right-wing extremist sufficiently for the police to be warned about me on at least four counts: abortion, illegal immigrants, believing in the Constitution, and, of course, being a veteran. ( Oh… and since I was in the National Guard following my original enlistment, I was required to swear to uphold and defend the CA state Constitution too. I guess that kind of works against me by implication as well).

Anyway, as I really am a concerned citizen as well as being a four (or five) count “right wing
extremist”, I was hoping you could clarify for me the specific point at which I become dangerous, or a domestic terrorist, or… you get the idea. I ask this because it really is not my intention to ever cross that line… so I’d like to know where you feel it is.

Let me close by saying that you probably need to be aware that of those Police and Sheriff’ Departments that you sent out your warning to on April 9, (and I can tell you this with reasonable certainty) about 95% of the actual working cops feel pretty-much the same way about those kinds of things listed above as I do, and a good 10% of them are veterans as well. And they have access to assault rifles and shotguns. I sure hope you didn’t make a big mistake in letting them know you are on to them.

Yours truly,

Devon M. Stavrowsky