Judgement Day in West Virginia

The day is finally here! In less than seven hours the polls in West Virginia will close and we’ll start seeing the chains of Democrat oppression falls.

It’s been a long time coming, with more than 83 years of Democrat control of the statehouse and half a century of domination of West Virginia’s congressional representation. It’s all likely to end today.

Democrats have been very good at appearing like they care about the poor and middle class in West Virginia. They have accused Republicans for decades of being under the thumb of big business, but it’s Democrats who have given into crony capitalism and have prevented the kinds of reforms that would naturally create a diverse economy. Democrats have largely kept the poor under their thumb with welfare, while doing nothing to help these same people escape poverty.

Instead of real solutions to the problems plaguing this state, they have tried to placate the masses with federal money and projects. They’ve given in to unions, who have milked industries dry and left hundreds of workers jobless and broke. The voters, no matter their party registration, are finally pulling the wool from their eyes and seeing that Democrats have largely left them with nothing.

It started with Democrats for Cecil Underwood in the mid-90s; voters choosing Bush over Gore in 2002; and electing a woman, Shelley Moore Capito, to the U.S. House of Representatives. It continued with Democrats turning on former Congressman Alan Mollohan in 2010, then electing Republican [mc_name name=’Rep. David McKinley (R-WV)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001180′ ] over Democrat Mike Oliverio in the largely blue-collar 1st Congressional District. It continued with Republican gains in the House of Delegates in 2010 and 2012.

And now here we are. Capito will likely defeat Secretary of State Natalie Tennant by 10 points to replace U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller. McKinley will handily defend his seat against State Auditor Glen Gainer. Newcomer Alex Mooney will keep Capito’s former U.S. House seat in GOP hands over former state Democrat Party Chair Nick Casey, showing just how unimportant Charleston is. And Congressman Nick Rahall will join Mollohan in retirement as Republican state Senator Evan Jenkins takes his place in the 3rd Congressional District.

As for the statehouse, despite efforts by House Speaker Tim Miley to use the power of his office to protect fellow Democrat incumbents, Republicans will take the four seats needed to take the majority plus some. No amount of shenanigans can stop this. Democrats have tried illegal mailings using House resources, suing candidates to keep them off the ballot, ignoring state election laws, using union-funded PACs to level false charges, and more. All these tactics have backfired.

While the chances of Republicans taking the state Senate are iffy, they stand to pick up as many as six seats in that body, making it 16 GOP and 18 Democrats. Republicans are on track to take the state Senate in 2016, as the Democrats have largely ignored the Senate in favor of protecting the House and the congressional seats.

We’ll know for sure the outcomes by the end of the night, but West Virginia’s transformation to a red state are nearly complete.

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