Terminating Obama's Matrix - Election '08 style

It has been said that the Democrats campaign is like a machine. This is true, Democrats use tactics like the Terminator in the movies to try and destroy all those who dare to challenge it and to crush anyone who does not conform to their doctrine. Just look at what they do to people like Joe the Plumber, who is an average hard-working American that simply questioned a potential leader. Once again, we find the resistance being led by John and Sarah, although this time it’s not Connor but instead McCain and Palin, fighting to take on and defeat the Democrat Terminators that are led by an elitist they call Obama. This isn’t the movies or the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but this is real life.

We need to make sure that the Democrat Terminator machines are stopped, here and now. Our weapons to combat these machines are simple, no not guns but the POWER of your vote. So, are you going to use your weapon in support of the machines, or are you going to use your weapon to preserve the American way of life to fight for our liberties and protect our freedoms? Obama just made his “I’ll be back” in four years speech in preparation for his loss in this election; and it is up to us to help Obama have a basis upon which he’ll be able to finally keep one of his campaign promises by ensuring that Obama loses this election. Let’s make sure that Obama will once again be saying “I’ll be back”, but this time to his fellow Senators because he won’t be going to the White House, except to visit John or Sarah.

So wake up and realize that the Obama Matrix either has you or is trying to rein you in. It was Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and the children of Zion who did battle against the machines as well. Neo had to make a choice, between the red and blue pill. You also have a choice to make between red and blue, but in real life it’s not pills but candidates. If you chose the blue candidate (Obama), you’ll wake up believing what they tell you to believe and say what they tell you to say – a prison for your mind. If you chose the red candidate (McCain), America will once again work to become successful and prosperous and this will ensure that America remains the greatest nation on this planet.

For some, I don’t know if you’re ready to see what I want to show you and I imagine that with all the campaign ads right now, you may feel a bit confused and a little like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. With help from the media wing of the Democrat machine (PRAVDA), Obama’s Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. As a complete opposite to Obama, all that the McCain / Palin ticket is offering is the truth, nothing more and especially not Obama’s hollow promises. So on Nov. 4th, don’t wake up in Obama’s dreamland where nothing is real. Stand up and rage against the machine to protect not only our own lives but our children’s lives and future as well.

The question is whether you are ready to be unplugged from the Democrat Matrix and see the truth? Do you want to help defend this nation against the Democrat’s machine attack on our country or do you want to be one of Obama’s “agents” who only want to silence anyone that opposes it and hide the truth by keeping you living in a dream world? You’ll have to let it all go, fear, doubt and disbelief that Democrats have instilled in you and free your mind.

Say “NO” to Obama and the leftist in this country…Go out there and vote and make Obama wonder “How?” as they continue to watch the John and Sarah campaign come alive and gain ground and revived life. Let’s create a country without the absurd Democrat rules and controls. Let’s create a country where anything is possible to achieve. And unless you want to wake up in Obama’s dreamland, support John and Sarah as they fight the Obama machine and go use your power to vote for the red candidate. Neo knew the correct choice was red, so what will you chose this Election Day?

Now buckle your seatbelt Obama, because you winning this election; has gone bye-bye.