Salt Lake City Tea Party

Cross posted at Time To Keep Score

I spent an hour yesterday at the Salt Lake City TEA Party.  Event organizers are estimating that 2,000-3,000 people attended.  The crowd was energetic and enthusiastic.  And contrary to what you might read in the news, this was not some gathering of lunatics.  It was not steeped in insanity.

And lest you think this was only an anti-Obama rally, you ought to know that Senators Hatch and Bennet received bellowing boos when their support of several spending bills was brought up.  Gov. Huntsman also received raucous jeers at the mention of his eager acceptance of the “stimulus money”. None of them were in attendance.  But other local elected officials were.

From other accounts it appears that GOP officials were similarly called out at rallies around the country.  These rallies, and the sentiment behind them goes beyond partisan politics.  They represent a movement of people who are tired of an intrusive government.  And yes, that includes many domestic programs and spending that President Bush engaged in.  The frustration around the country has escalated recently because the Obama administration, along with Congress has accelerated our descent into a dignity sapping nanny state.

(Incidentally, I was driving home from an early morning ski (powder in April!) on I-215 and saw a big road-work sign that said “Putting America Back to Work: This project is Funded by the American Reinvestment Act”.  Do road work projects usually declare on big orange signs what congressional bill funded them?  Turns out that one of the stipulations of the construction company receiving the money, was displaying the propaganda sign…but I’ve digressed)

Back to the rally.  No, it wasn’t a recruiting station for the next national threat, nor was it a hotbed of plotting and scheming.  Try as I did, I never was able find anyone from Starkwood accepting resumes.

However there was something very disturbing that I witnessed.  I was offered at least four different times a very suspicious and subversive looking booklet.  The people handing it out said that it was a document that “limits the power of the government” and that gives “power to the people”.  I was skeptical, but curious, so I pocketed one of them.  Its title was brazenly displayed on the cover:

The Constitution of the United States

After reading through some of its pages I was appalled, and yet also relieved.  And why was I relieved?  Because I knew that if President Obama had ever read this right wing propaganda about States rights and limitations on federal power, about free speech and gun rights (guns!) he’d know for certain just how extreme we conservatives really are!

I sure am glad he has never read it!