Prediction 2008

Map 2008

I am hedging on this already however. I think Nevada, Colorado and PA may flip, but that would still give McCain a 10 point Electoral college win. Either way though, I really see McCain pulling off what will be perceived as a huge upset.

[Edit] I corrected my initial math. I neglected to include CO in my alternate scenario. So if Obama takes PA, but McCain keeps NV and CO red, he can win 274-264. See the map below.

Of course, I might be wrong. I might be the one with the warped perception.

But over the course of this entire campaign the events on the ground simply have not matched up with what the talking heads are saying. Rhetoric and record are not matching up when it comes to Barack Obama. And despite the tendency and the desire to already crown him our new Dear Leader, I believe the people of this country are smart, perceptive, and not so easily manipulated.

At least, that is my hope.