Questions for Obama Supporters

With just one week until Election Day, I find myself continually asking the question of “why?” Why do Obama supporters back their candidate? Is it party loyalty? Hope and Change? Is it his radical friends that they relate to? Maybe they believe God should damn America? Perhaps it is Obama’s socialism? Do they want the wealth to be spread about? Do they want “redistributive change”?

Or is it that Obama speaks well, is handsome, and is, as Joe Biden observed, “clean”. Is it that he wants to legitimatize Iran by giving them exactly what they want: unconditional talks and meetings?

I have yet to hear anyone really be able to explain in any convincing terms why they support Barack Obama for President. It has all been fluff, hopeandchange, inspiration.

“Just words, just speeches.”

Can you honestly say that none of the many questions about the character and friends of Barack Obama do not bother you? Do you really think that a lifetime spent at the feet of America haters will have no effect on how this man governs? Do you really agree that the Constitution’s lack of redistributive guarantees reflects one of the “great blindspots” of American culture and government?

Or is it that you are are simply imprinting all your hopes and ideals for what a candidate ought to be onto The One?

Can you honestly say that you support Barack Obama?

If so, why?

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