Vote: Tried and Tested

“What is conservatism? Is it not adherence to the old and tried, against the new and untried?”

~Abraham Lincoln.

Is there a more apt way to describe Barack Obama than “new and untried”? There is nothing in his record that suggests competence in any leadership capacity. Nothing. He might speak well and look good and be the first African American to be this close to the presidency. But what does that really mean when, as Joe Biden predicted, this nation is tested with an “international crisis, a generated crisis”?

What good will words be when Iran launches an attack against Israel? What good will being African American do when North Korea hits Seattle with a nuclear missile? What good will high voter registration be when Russia rolls tanks into Georgia or another bordering democratic state?

History is on the side of conservatism. History is on the side of American might. American strength. American domination.

Not appeasement. Not ignorant idealism.

The reality of international politics demands action. It is simply not enough to have the ability to speak well. It is pure naivety to believe that the enemies of the United States will back off, retreat, or change a life long ideology simply because Obama will ask them to.

Now is not the time to elect the most inexperienced, most unknown, most untested presidential candidate in history.

And even Joe Biden knows that.

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