When the fate of our nation hangs on winning an election

What should be our criteria to support a candidate for the Republican nomination?

Few of you at RS know me. I’m in my late 50s and have NEVER been anything other than a conservative. Okay to be fair, perhaps a conservative with certain libertarian views, but I formulated those views twenty years before the libertarian party was formed. So I consider myself conservative.

I’m prompted to write this because of the, in my view, outlandish reaction to Parry’s support of the HPV vaccine. Before I move to my main point let me say very clearly that in EVERY public health action by the government there is a necessary clash with individual rights, and if minors are to be vaccinated parental rights. This is a non-trivial issue, but we as a nation, a state, a city, county, or township face this issue for any public health action. Yes there are constitutional issues here, but in fairness, medicine in the time of the founders was unaware of the possibility that a society could eradicate a disease through vaccines. So do any of you really believe that had vaccines been available when the constitution was written they would not have made provision for it? In fact, in a sense they did, since they almost certanly would have left it to the states. But, enough of that.

Folks, we need to contain our rhetoric. We need to acknowledge that we need to keep our primary debate civil and that in the end no matter who is the Republican nominee we must unite behind him or her. We have a nation to save. We don’t have another 4 years to do so. If we fail to take control of the Senate and the WH in 2012 our great nation will fall into darkness. A darkness that will last at least through your grandchildren’s lifetimes. When Russia became the soviet union they lost seventy years.  Think about that a moment. Seventy years. Of course Russia is far from out of the woods. Should we fall into darkness it will be the same for us.

We must not allow this to happen. Our only means to prevent it is the 2012 election.

We claim that we are the adults in the room. Who would we then select for the presidency. For make no mistake, if we unite behind a single reasonable candidate and work as hard as possible we will prevail in 2012. In this context what is reasonable? Well the candidate must be centered and stable. Sorry Paulites that leaves your guy out. One of the best conservatives that I ever supported for the house was unelectable because he was unable to avoid looking like someone’s crazy uncle. I like Ron Paul on many issues, but he is NOT executive material and even if he were, we could not sell him to the independent voter.

So again who should we nominate? Simply put we should nominate the most conservative candidate with executive experience. This means a governor or in a pinch perhaps a mayor of a LARGE city. All you Bachmann fans, sorry. I like her very much, but simply put she does not have the experience for the job. Give her 4 or 8 years as a VP and then we can talk. For now however, being smart, and eloquent does NOT make someone presidential material. How is it that simply because this nation elected the most incompetent president in history, who has been an absolute disaster, means that anyone is suddenly qualified for the office? Not for me, and if you are true conservatives not for you either.

A rambling post to get me to my main point.

I realize that our passions run deep. I realize that each of us has litmus tests on various political issues. More than anything I realize that most of us have been disappointed by the Republicans from 1994-2006. I worked very very hard to unseat the democrat in my district in 1994. I was thrilled that we suddenly had a house and Senate controlled by Republicans for the first time in my life. I expected great things. I was sorely disappointed. I have moved beyond it. I have come to realize that, if we are to take this country back and restore its greatness, we will do so a step at a time. The left understands this as well. They managed, by deceit and outright fraud to gain total control of the government for 18 months and virtual dominance for 6 more. They have put structural things in place to radically alter our nation forever. We must stop this in 2013. We must take the Senate and WH in 2012. If we are adults, we must realize this. Be as passionate as you like in our primary process, but we must not cripple our eventual nominee, and we must not say or do things that prevent our uniting behind that person.

So this is my plea. Let us all stop saying that if our guy/gal is not selected we’ll stay home. Lets stop disqualifying people based on single issues or emotional appeals. Let us remember that we all must have one goal. To elect the most conservative legislature possible and put a competent executive in the White House. Nothing is more important.