Media Pulls RNC By Their Leash

The dozens of DC Republicans running for office this year who pulled their support for Donald Trump may have cost themselves their seats. Those few who have never endorsed are fine because their story today is the same as it has been all summer. But I think Trump is right when he says those who have changed their tune this weekend will see their poll numbers go down.

There is no upside here. Pulling their support for Donald Trump will gain few, if any, Hillary voters, but this can only cause a chunk of Trump voters to vote for the other Senate of Congressional candidate. Principle over party, right? Rob Portman is comfortably ahead in Ohio for now, but I’m not sure Kelly Ayotte or Joe Heck can afford the loss of Trump supporters.

It’s an unforced error caused by hyper-intense media coverage of this Access Hollywood video. MSNBC and CNN were covering it for 48 straight hours, and in the process led Republicans down an unwinnable path. How can the RNC support this? Isn’t Mike Pence a better candidate? How come only one elected Republican has pulled their endorsement? Can the RNC pull Trump from the ticket? How come only four elected Republicans have pulled their endorsement? How can Mike Pence be put at the top of the ticket?

Then finally, here are 30 Republicans who will not support the Republican nominee. Call this a Democrat and MSM win!

Sunday night, Trump had a debate that exceeded his incredibly low expectations, and now Trump forwards on. He’s still likely to lose in November, but I think the Senate could now be lost as well. Thanks weak-kneed Republicans! We’re looking at two years at least of a Democrat Senate and a President Clinton with a mandate.

At least we have the GOP House under the leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan. :-/

** Oh and by the way, President Obama has 2-3 weeks with a new Democrat Senate and don’t think that Senate Republicans will be able or willing to do anything to stop Obama from tidying up loose ends of his legacy.