Of Course Ted Cruz Should Support Trump

In my real life, I know very few Trump primary supporters. Out of all my conservative family, friends, and acquaintances, many of us supported Cruz or Rubio or Kasich. Again in my real life, all but one are now voting for Trump. On television, I see the rabid Trump supporter, and on the internet, I now avoid sites like Breitbart and Drudge. Also on television and radio, I hear the NeverTrump argument from Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, and Glenn Beck. And on the internet of course, there’s RedState.

I agree with the argument that Trump is no conservative and that he doesn’t have the personality to reject power, it’s just that those in my personal circle know that Hillary and her team will be worse. Just walking away from that choice and allowing the worse choice to succeed is the weakest decision one can make.

Ted Cruz should make it known that he is voting for Donald Trump. Now we all know that his single vote in Texas won’t matter as Trump is going to win that state no matter what Cruz or George HW Bush do. There are voters, however, in New Hampshire, Colorado, and Pennsylvania that could flip the election from one nominee to the other, and I think it’s important to support the side that will employ and utilize people that support the conservative cause. We’re not electing a king. Trump will have secretaries and under-secretaries and will nominate Supreme Court justices. Hillary Clinton’s team will be horrific. Donald Trump’s team will not.

Kasich is taking a hit here in Ohio for his principled NeverTrump stand. The grassroots conservatives didn’t like him to start because of his Medicaid Expansion and Common Core support. Now the Trump supporters don’t like him, and even the squishy moderates don’t like the fact that he signed a pledge and is now breaking it.

The NeverTrump individual that I know is fine, and we don’t argue about it. If I knew five or ten NeverTrumpers in my real life, I might view the hashtag as a bigger threat. I also acknowledge that if Trump loses, the responsibility is entirely on Donald Trump. It is not the duty of the voter to vote for the party, it is the responsibility of the candidate to attract voters. For many reasons, Trump has repelled some conservatives and that’s all on him.

Many more of us have been repelled by Hillary Clinton, and there’s no question that she is the worse choice. I’m not sure what Ted Cruz’s future might be whether he makes an endorsement or if he doesn’t. I think he should announce his support for Trump in the November election. He’ll take a big hit with Glenn Beck and on Redstate if he does, but in real life, I and many others like me will respect that he’s acknowledging the best of a bad path.