If Hugh Hewitt, et al, were so important...

Glenn Beck is on the radio 3 hours a day with millions of listeners. National Review has a lot of important writers as well as important readers. Eric Erickson and Redstate have go-to websites for news and opinion, and Redstate has the added advantage of allowing dingbats like me (and others) to post diaries and comments on their site. All of these entities have been #NeverTrump for months if not since the beginning of the Trump campaign. And now Hugh Hewitt joins the fray.

So what? What difference has it made?

I hate to state the obvious, but most people aren’t like us. There are reasons to abolish the 17th Amendment, but nobody cares. People watch Robot Chicken. People watch soccer and call it football. People walk down the street and answer questions from Jessie Waters. These are voters. And we may not like it, but some of them live in swing states like Utah. Mostly through their wisdom, we have the presidential choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

And yes, it’s a binary choice. One of these two will become President. The Republican delegates are not going to change the rules so a real Republican can win the nomination. You see that same desperation among Sanders supporters who think the SuperDelegates will pull their support from Clinton. And Gary Johnson may get some phantom support in the polls, but he’s not going to get many votes. We’re stuck with either four years of Trump or four years of Clinton. Period. Full stop.

I turned off Hannity months ago, but he is almost right about one thing. He asks where this energy was in opposing Obama. Well, the energy was there among the pages of Redstate and from other NeverTrumpkins, but it never hit the GOP in Washington. Their energies were elsewhere, maybe just supporting the Boomtown that is DC.

Hannity hears the energy in opposing Trump, and that sometimes hits the desk of Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah which brings us to the strategies of Cassandra. Cassandra (of course as we all know as cultural sophisticates) was a woman from Greek legend who had the gift of foretelling the future but the curse of nobody believing her. This, I believe, is the case of NeverTrump.

So the question becomes: Should the NeverTrumpkins continue to spew prophecy on people who won’t listen, or should they make the best of a bad situation? My argument for a Trump vote in November is that I expect the team around Trump to be much closer to my line of thought than the team around Clinton. This, I believe, is a very important argument. Let’s say that we don’t have a full-fledged dictatorship in which Trump or Clinton are absolute tyrants, but we have oligarchy. Isn’t the GOP oligarchy better than the Democrat one? Isn’t it important to have Republicans, some of whom might be conservative, as cabinet leaders and not progressive statists on the left?

At this moment, I’m going to vote for Donald Trump because of the people I expect will be around him. If you’re a person who thinks that Trump is no better than Clinton, I think you should consider the argument.