Trump Woos Sanders Voters, Ignores Cruz

Many conservatives afraid of a Trump nomination have been saying that Trump needs to woo them over, mend fences, repair bridges. Well now that Cruz has suspended his campaign, we can see exactly what Trump intends to do with the conservative #CruzCrew. Nothing! Trump has shown no sign whatsoever that he wants to move in any way except toward the left.

And why should he? He sees Sanders getting his crowd all jazzed up to vote against Hillary and thinks that he can do that too. As far as the raw count, Sanders has a couple million more votes than Ted Cruz. Sanders fills up arenas in a way only Donald Trump has been able to. And like Donald Trump, these Sanders voters don’t care about policy, they care about issues.

Minimum wage? “I’ll look at it.”

Defunding Planned Parenthood? “Why? They do good things.”

What does it mean that you’ll look at it? Do the good things outweigh the bad? “Meh, that’s all detail policy stuff. We’ll have the best people look at it and Make America Great Again!”

We can debate whether this is a winning strategy or not. Trump has proven many smart people on the left and the right to be wrong this whole election cycle, so maybe he’s got a winning idea here once again. Vox explains that Sanders voters will never vote for Trump. Their vote is not exactly anti-Hillary but more of a how-can-we-still-be-talking-about-Hillary. And while conservatives have been deadened to the incessant charge of racism, liberals still believe it. Of course they’ll come around and support Hillary. How can they ever go into a voting booth and push the button for Donald Trump?

Mark Davis, I think, is sitting in on the morning Hugh Hewitt show and he was insisting to a conservative caller that his non-vote for Trump was a vote for Hillary. It’s a common argument that we hear, but why should a principled conservative back a person just because they ran and won by calling themselves a Republican?

And more importantly, why should conservatives back a person who’s not really working for our vote? He says he wants everybody to come together, but there are some he can do without? He says he’s a conservative, he likes to conserve, but let’s try to make these Sanders supporters happy by talking about their issues.  Let’s figure out how government can help them. Shrinking the size and scope of power is not even close to his radar.

There were thousands and thousands of people Googling “Libertarian Party” after the Cruz concession speech. What do you think might happen if a constitutional conservative candidate were to emerge from anywhere asking for our vote? I wonder if that candidate could emerge, and then we’ll find out.