Conservatives Plan to Rebuild #OHGOP

Ohio map with each of the state senate districtsImagine a party that is responsive to its members instead of its powerbrokers. One that announces its principles instead of giving its candidates a blank slate. One that believes the voters can select the best candidates instead of itself. Ohio Republicans can get this type of party by voting for a change in the State Central Committee.

Earlier, I posted a story about Chairman Matt Borges and the Central Committee attempting to freeze out conservatives in their ranks. This has been standard practice in Ohio’s Republican Party for decades, and I’m sure conservatives in other states have experienced similar pushback as well. Many have come to learn that true change won’t happen by only fighting for candidates at the top of the ticket, but we need to actively recruit and support conservatives in the essential roles at the bottom of the ticket.

Ohioans now have a tool to find the preferred conservative candidate at http://ohrepscc.com/. There are 33 state senate districts and each district has a male and a female seat up for election. Grassroots conservatives from across the state have had discussions with sympathetic incumbents and have vetted challengers and now present their slate of candidates. You can listen to the announcement and discussion on yesterday’s radio program TEA Party Talk with Tom Z.

It is important that EVERY Ohioan go to the website to find their Central Committee district. There is a simple lookup tool that will help you. You can even find the districts of your friends and family and encourage them to support the conservative in the race. Backing an entire group of 66 grassroots conservatives across the whole state has never been tried as far as I can remember. The GOP establishment have had the money and the infrastructure to support “their” slate of candidates, and it is a true David vs. Goliath battle to take them on. But it is a fight that is long overdue.

Please get your Ohio friends to go to http://ohrepscc.com/ and support the conservatives in their district. It will be THIS State Central Committee that will be in place for the 2018 statewide races of governor, attorney general, etc., and it is time that the voters were able to choose their candidates and NOT the party.