The Media's Low Expectations of President Obama

Hillary Clinton deliberately sheltered her e-mails so she can control (at least from her end) their existence. This is not debatable. As we were reminded from the Doc Thompson Show on TheBlaze radio, former EPA Director Lisa Jackson used an alias to conduct professional business. Lois Lerner made sure that she used instant messaging instead of e-mail because they were never stored, and then she “lost” the stored e-mails anyway. And those are just the E-MAIL scandals within the Obama Administration.

But President Obama had nothing to do with this. He would refer you to the respective departments to find out what happened, which is just a fabricated scandal brought about by talk radio and the Koch Brothers. If something untoward is ever associated with his administration, Obama is just as angry as the rest of us when he heard about it on TV. He knows nothing!

Barack Obama is the new Teflon President. But where Ronald Reagan could never get media-created scandals to stick, Obama can never get actual scandals to stick. The media is certainly protecting him and, as has become apparent in their heavy coverage of the Hillary problem, is obsessively over-protective of  the president. Despite holding the job title of Chief Executive, Barack Obama has never been qualified for the position and the media know it. Like the parent of a child going through a haunted house for the first time, Mother Media holds Obama’s hand and covers Obama’s eyes continuing to usher him toward the inevitable exit door.

George Bush was always treated as a responsible adult. Whether it was Abu Ghraib or Scooter Libby, it was George Bush who was to blame. Even Bill Clinton was asked tougher questions regarding his responsibility, it’s just that Clinton was so good at shirking responsibility that the media could only say, “Well at least we asked him.”

Barack Obama’s legacy will be one of weakness. Some in today’s culture-driven generation may view him with love and others will view him with hate, but those who will be born within the next 10-20 years will recognize that we’ve been snuckered. The media has been holding Obama’s hand throughout his career trying to shield him from this incompetence. The exit door is coming and the media won’t be able to hold his hand forever.