In Defense of Beck's Tea Party Name-Change

Glenn Beck recently made the suggestion to change the name of the Tea Party since it has become so maligned and toxic.  He’s not suggesting to cave on principles, just to rebrand it as something like “Classic Liberal.”  This has the benefit of both re-inventing the L-word as well as being true.  As much as Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed, I think both of them would be closer to Tea Party values than today’s Democrats or Republicans, and certainly closer than today’s progressives.

The key is to make opponents use words that we define ourselves.  For instance, I am in favor of single-payer health care… EVERY SINGLE PERSON pays for their health care.  You see, when I pay a health insurance company or I pay the government who then has to pay the doctor, that’s a multi-person payer health system and that hasn’t worked.  If every single person was in control of a health savings account, from which they could pay for medical care, that would be a good single-payer system.

I am also in favor of common marriage while the common marriage opponents have convinced judges that the common understanding of marriage is wrong.  And you bet that I’m pro-choice.  I believe that health care decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor.  Of course the respectful choices of an expectant mother will naturally also respect the life of the child.  No common sense person who has a soul would advocate killing a child.

Conservatives, who tend to think for themselves, don’t need a DNC memo to know that Dick Cheney added “gravitas” to the Bush candidacy.  Democrats have had an Orwellian machine for decades in the form of a compliant media, and all it took was one Obama-as-monkey sign at a Tea Party rally to play over and over again to establish the narrative.

Taxed Enough Already?  Totally Engaged Americans?  The name has already been changed.  Does Beck want to play word games to linguistically troll he left?  If so, count me in!