"Talk is Cheap" - Johnny Manziel and the GOP

The last weeks of the Cleveland Browns season proved to be very revealing for fans of Johnny Football.  When Brian Hoyer played his way onto the bench, it was time for Johnny Manziel to prove he belongs in the NFL.  He has the Heisman.  He has the money sign.  He’s buddies with Justin Bieber.  He has the talk.  Not it was time to prove he had the walk.

The Republican Houses of 2011 and 2013 had limited success in slowing down the administrative state of the executive branch, although they will unfortunately be defined by their failures.  Speaker [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] frequently complained that they were only “one-half of one-third” of the federal government and therefore it was unreasonable to expect too much of them – as if Speaker Pelosi would ever utter those words.  Nobody stopped Republicans from passing bills in regular order, and nobody prevented them from a 72-hour reading period before a vote.  House members and their leadership gave themselves a chance to live up to the expectations they had set, but when it came time to face down Obama and the Democrats, they proved to be clearly out of their league.

Manziel played for a game-and-a-half before getting injured, and he looked incredibly unprepared and struggled to get even a first down let alone a touchdown.  The Monday before the last game of the season (which he was going to sit out), Manziel acknowledged that he couldn’t be a college kid anymore and that he would need to work hard and earn his spot for the lead role on the team.  Five days later, Browns security went to Manziel’s apartment because he did not show up for Saturday treatment and was not answering his phone.  He was OK – just hungover from getting drunk the night before.

Every election, Republicans and even some Democrats promise to slow down the growth and reach of the federal government and it never happens!  Instead, we get gerrymandered districts to secure political power as well as a primary system that greatly favors their fellow incumbents.  2015 is a new era for Republican leadership and I’m afraid that we’re still playing with our college recruits.  Boehner and McConnell are saying that it’ll be different this time, leaving conservatives to simply shake their head and mutter the words of Browns coach Mike Pettine: “Talk is cheap.”

I give the GOP two months before they cave on the Homeland Security budget bill.  After that, we’ll be saying “Maybe next election.”