Beauty and the Bearded Marxist

The coastal state was embroiled in hard economic times.

Expensive government programs had done little to ease poverty or unemployment.

Entrenched fiscal mismanagement and corruption stirred the voters’ anger.

She a was right-center candidate in a party associated with Christianity.

He was a professed leftist running in a left-center electorate.

She couldn’t escape her personal history of superficial interviews and big hair.

He advocated a socialist agenda of government-forced wealth-spreading.

She was described as “ill-prepared” for the office she sought.

He demonized private corporations.

Her proposals to reduce government bureaucracy were called “fuzzy”.

Both ran as outsiders.

The year was 1998.

The state was Venezuela.

She was Miss Universe 1981, Irene Saez.

He was Hugo Chavez.

He won.

He won with 56% of the vote.

The people lost.

The people lost freedom of expression.

The people lost property rights.

The people lost Democracy.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of non-marxist.

Support Christine O’Donnell any way you can, if only with your silence.
Because elections have consequences.