Why the “Feminists” Don’t Speak for Me: The Diary of a Mom Supremacist

(H/T Lori_Z )

The “feminists” don’t speak for me:

Because I believe that women are miracle workers through our extraordinary capacity to nurture life within and to bring forth children. To me, the primacy of unrestricted abortion in the “feminist” agenda reveals an insidious movement to deny women our full potential.

Because I interpret chivalrous gestures as an affirmation of female ascendency. It is odd that in a culture where the rich and powerful rely on personal security details, “feminists” perceive the male instinct to protect women as a sign of female weakness.

Because I am amazed at the degree to which motherhood has honed my management skills, especially in the areas of communication, accountability, multi-tasking, and prioritization. Research suggests there is a physiological basis for this change.

Because I contend that in free societies with rule of law, religion is not a common means for men to subjugate women. I believe that men of faith humbly recognize their weaknesses, and by the grace of God, endeavor to triumph over behaviors that are destructive to women and families.

Because I can have it all, just not all at the same time. Years ago, I had a fulfilling non-domestic career. Now I am reveling in my adventures as a stay-at-home mom. When my husband retires and my children are in school, I’ll rejoin the workforce. Provided that Obama and the Democrats in Congress do not destroy our healthcare system, I have decades ahead of me to make my mark on the outside world.

Because I am willing to admit that my spouse outranks me. In our house, my husband is the commanding officer and I am the executive officer. He sets the overall course for the family (with my input); I make the day-to-day decisions (with his input). I am 100 percent certain that if I asked him to reverse roles, he would.

Because I maintain that when a “feminist” uses the v-word outside its medical context, she curtails violence against women as effectively as a misogynist who uses the c-word.

Because I believe that parents who shelter their adolescent daughters from sexual experimentation and drug and alcohol use, liberate them to become healthy, confident women.

Because I think that fertility awareness is the most pro-woman form of family planning. It is safe and reliable, works in achieving and avoiding pregnancy, increases marital intimacy, and provides additional health benefits. If you are tempted to crack a joke, please consider that Planned Parenthood’s vested interest in purveying pills, condoms and abortions makes natural family planning an ideal target for Alinsky-style ridicule.

Because I see the Conservative movement within the Republican Party as the natural home for true feminists. No two women are alike. No national organization can reasonably claim to speak for us all. Why not affiliate with the party that promotes equality based on unalienable rights rather than the party that thrives on conflict over superficial differences?