Abolishing The Electoral College Isn't A "Big Idea" It Is Un-American

On Thursday Night’s NBC Nightly News broadcast South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg briefly discussed his “Big Idea” the elimination of the Electoral College.

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Mayor Pete claims that Democracy will be improved in the country by abolishing the means by which every President in our 200+ year history has been selected and moving towards a national popular vote as our new process for determining who would be POTUS going forward.

This is a policy position that is supported by several other Democrat presidential contenders including but not limited to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, California Sen. Kamala Harris, and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke

This is a proposition that can only be achieved via a Constitutional amendment that would require the approval of three fourths of the states after getting either two thirds of both the House and Senate or two thirds of the state legislatures calling for it .

Mayor Pete and the other Democrats who support the idea of eliminating the Electoral College want to do so because they badly want Hillary Clinton to be President right now instead of Donald Trump and because they fundamentally don’t understand what the governmental system of the United States actually is.

They continually talk about Democracy, but that isn’t what this country operates under; we are and have been a Constitutional Representative Republic since the Constitutions ratification.

Our Founding Fathers and Framers could have easily done what today’s Democrats want and instituted a national popular vote right from the beginning but didn’t for some very important reasons.

The first and foremost being the States created the federal government. The Constitution was designed to give the federal government large amounts of power over a limited number of areas like national defense, immigration, diplomacy/foreign relations, etc, while everything else not enumerated was meant to be the purview of the separate States and/or to individuals.  This entire concept of Federalism and Separation of powers(between States and the Federal government) is incapsulated in the 9th and 10th amendments.

Another gigantic reason why the idea of a popular vote for President was rejected at the onset was the Founders very real concerns regarding Mob Rule.

Our Forefathers knew their history from ancient Athens forward and knew that direct Democracy, which is what Democrats today want, would eventually lead to a majority of the voting public voting for people and policies that would trample on the rights and liberties of the minority and ultimately lead to the dissolution of the nation.

This is something that the Electoral College was meant to prevent.  Instead of having Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia being the determining locations for who would be President in 1790 the Framers instead created a system where anyone who wanted to be in charge of the Executive Branch would have to get support not only from the major metropolitan areas of the time but from the smaller and less populated states such as South Carolina in order for them to achieve electoral victory.  The idea being to be President of the whole nation, you had to have support from a wide swath of the nation.

Mayor Pete and the other Democrats wanting the Electoral College’s elimination don’t want to improve the clout of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, or say Tennessee and Arkansas they want to make middle America, flyover country, subservient to the will of those living in our current major metropolitan areas; Los Angles, San Fransisco, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, and Washington DC.

As we’ve seen in recent weeks, the liberal elites and their lemming voters can’t stand the idea of Alabama or Georgia having different views than they have regarding abortion, or any other issue.  They want everyone nationwide to be constrained to the worldview and sensibilities of residents of San Fransisco.  

The Democrats running for President in 2020 know they can’t get Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi, or Texas’s Electoral College votes because the voters of those states don’t support the things they prize such as gun confiscation, man made climate change, or bending over backwards to accommodate the whims of the LGBT mental patients.  So instead of moderating their views and policies the likes of Mayor Pete have hitched their wagon to the destructive and truly Un-American position of eliminating the Electoral College.

The abolishment of the Electoral College isn’t a “Big Idea” it is a destructive one, and something that must be opposed at every oppurtunity.  Future Hillary Clinton’s have to do the work of getting support from the voters of Wisconsin, Missouri, and Pennsylvania and not focus exclusive on racking up the vote totals in Los Angles, Silicon Valley, and Manhattan. When it comes to Presidential eletions Idaho matters just as much as California, Utah matters just as much as Cook County(Chicago), Kentucky matters just as much as the campus of Harvard.