Rep Kinzinger: Freedom Caucus Opposed Trumpcare So Conservative Groups Could Fundraise

Ben Shapiro on Monday said in classic Yoda style, “Begun, the war on Conservatives has.”

He is very true.

One of the people leading that war on Conservatives and the House Freedom Caucus is Illinois RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Speaking on Fox & Friends this week Kinzinger said that the Freedom Caucus used the Trumpcare bill fiasco to get themselves in the media spotlight and so that Conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation and Club for Growth could fundraise.


“They use it(Trumpcare) as an oppurtunity, speaking very frankly, to get out and get in front of the cameras, and get in the newspapers, and get on TV, and empower these other groups to raise money on this.”

The proud member of No Labels went even further Monday night on CNN with Anderson Cooper when he accused the Freedom Caucus of spreading #FakeNews about the bill he, Paul Ryan, and President Trump crafted.(link to video here if embedding isn’t working)

“The reality is you have people that take false information, the House Freedom Caucus, and they say that they never consulted us, or this isn’t a straight repeal, or Obamacare lite, and you convince people of completely untruths.”

This is really rich coming from a guy who in 2010 lied to every Conservative and Tea Party group and voter in Illinois that he was one of us, and has been lying for the last 7 years that he was going to repeal all of Obamacare.

Now that the true Conservatives in the House, with the backing of the Senates top Conservatives in Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, have put an end to a phony repeal and replacement bill Kinzinger told F&F’s, “We’re never going to get it repealed and replace.”

So instead of getting behind Freedom Caucus member Alabama Rep. Mo Brook’s full repeal bill, or the repeal bill offered by Sen. Rand Paul, or dusting off the repeal bill President Obama vetoed just last year, congressman Kinzinger wants to work with Blue Dog Democrats to fix Obamacare.

As has been pointed out to Rep. Kinzinger since he started going after the Freedom Caucus on Friday what the Democrats want is single-payer, socialized healthcare and that’s bad for everyone. Also hasn’t anyone told Lil’ Adam that there are even fewer Blue Dogs than there are members of the Freedom Caucus, and thats counting Sen. Joe Manchin?

With Congress-critters like Kinzinger Obamacare will never be repealed, freedom will never be restored to healthcare, and free-market based healthcare reforms will never happen.

It is time to #RepealAndReplace RINOs like Adam Kinzinger.