Rockford(IL) Auburn Football Players Protest National Anthem For 2nd Week

Friday night a group of football players from Rockford Auburn, for the second week in a row, kneeled in protest during the playing of the national anthem.

Last Friday 6 members of the Auburn team kneeled as part of a growing trend in sports to protest during the national anthem that was started during the NFL preseason by San Fransisco 49ers benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick. This week up to 15 players took part in the protest.

During the week Rockford’s Democrat state Rep. Litesa Wallace publicly encouraged the Auburn players to continue their protesting during the national anthem.

Since the first protest, which drew national attention due to a photo of the protest being shared on social media by Black Lives Matter activists, Auburn and Rockford Public School officials have apparently gotten ahold of the players and have kept them from speaking publicly about what they are doing.

The Rockford Public School district has said that none of the players violated any conference of district policies and will not face any punishment for their disrespectful behavior.

In a statement earlier in the week Auburn head football coach Dan Appino said, “The student athletes said they wanted to create more social awareness of racial injustices in America. They made it clear that they did not intend to disrespect our military; rather, they wanted to embrace the freedom of expression and other constitutional rights that our military fought so hard to preserve. This movement is sweeping the nation as a peaceful form of protest. I am not happy that football is being used as the platform for this protest, but I respect the passion our kids feel about this topic.”

This disrespect and demeaning of the nation, and the anthem, by a bunch of know nothing athletes believing the repeatedly proven false narrative of Black Lives Matters of a racist country that indiscriminately kills young blacks is sickening.

And yet it is sadly going to continue. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has embraced it. The Rockford school system is embracing it. The sports media is by and large promoting it. And politicians like Rep. Wallace are encouraging it.