Chicago Tribune Reporter Wants To Ban Virtually All Modern Firearms

Gun-Control.jpgIn a column that appeared on the Chicago Tribunes  website Tuesday reporter Dahleen Glanton, mocking the first day of the Trump conventions theme of “Make America Safe Again”, openly called for the banning of all semi-automatic rifles and pistols, shotguns, most rifle accessories, and large capacity magazines.

Glanton also used her piece to blame “Assault Rifles” for the murders of 5 Dallas police officers and 3 Baton Rouge cops by two radical black separatists, who were former members of the US military. Glanton wrote, “Let’s not pretend that the Black Lives Matter movement is responsible for these murders. The real culprits are assault weapons.”

Guess Glanton hasn’t seen the videos or the social media posts of BLM radicals openly calling for the killing of police officers that have been a nearly daily occurence in the two years since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Later Glanton openly called for banning practically every single modern firearm in existence writing; “We can never be safe from outside attacks until we have figured out how to protect ourselves from within. That means ridding our cities of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, shotguns and large capacity ammunition magazines….No Americans need to be able to walk around with rifles equipped with telescoping stocks, barrel shrouds and detachable magazines.”

Glanton continued, “Indeed, law-abiding citizens, such as Johnson and Long(the Dallas and Baton Rouge cop killers), are the ones Second Amendment laws are designed to protect. Only a federal ban on assault rifles and other semi-automatic weapons could have kept them from obtaining such high-powered weapons.”

Glanton also encouraged her readers to contact members of Congress to demand that they do something along those lines to stop gun violence by melting down their phone lines and flooding their email in boxes with demands to scuttle the 2nd amendment.

As Glanton should be painfully aware, reporting from Gun Violence Central, aka Chicago, that virtually all of the violence and crime committed with a gun in this country is via a handgun, not semi-automatic rifles; there is no such thing as an assault rifle, a rifle is a rifle, assault is assault.

Being in/from Chicago Glanton should also know that banning firearms, doesn’t work. The city of Chicago for many years outright banned the ownership of handguns, and still the city’s South and West sides were plagued by gang and drug violence on a daily basis.  Despite court rulings the city of Chicago still maintains an effective ban on gun stores in the city limits. And still the criminal element in Chicago was plenty of weapons by which young black and hispanic men use to kill other young blacks and Hispanics(male and female).

The problem Mrs. Glanton isn’t semi-auto rifles, or handguns.

The real problem is the African-American culture in the nations urban centers, gangs, drug dealing, a pathetic public education system, and a total breakdown of the two parent household and basic parenting, i.e discipline, that is what is causing the gun violence in Chicago and elsewhere.

The Black Lives Matter movements war on cops, the open hostility towards law enforcement it has fomented, and liberal Democrats like President Obama, and Hillary Clinton calling cops racists, isn’t helping matters any.

Mrs. Glanton can wish to ban modern firearms all she wants, but it won’t have any impact on the real root causes of the violence problem in the African-American community.

If every parent/grandparent of a gang member in Chicago took said gang banger across their knee and spanked their hides raw until they promised(crying) to never be a part of a gang ever again, that would actually do something to help the situation.

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