Could We See Rep. Adam Kinzinger Vs. Sen. Dick Durbin In 2020

During an interview with AM 1230 WJBC Monday Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger indicated that he was very open to the idea of challenging Democrat Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin for his Senate seat in 2020 when Durbin is up for reelection.

Kinzinger said of running in 2020 for the Senate, “It would be something I would look at…If I think I can win something and I can make a difference for people and have an impact I’d be open to doing whatever the next thing is.”

With Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid retiring at the end of the year, Durbin will be the #2 Democrat behind New York Sen. Chuck Schumer who is widely expected to be the Democrats new leader.

Kinzinger, who came into Congress as part of the Tea Party wave of 2010, and immediately stabbed them and every conservative in the back, is easily going to win reelection this cycle as the Democrats in the 16th CD have yet to field any candidate, not that it would matter, the district is safely and solidly Republican.

Several weeks ago Kinzinger’s name was floated by the Weekly Standards Bill Kristol as a possible third party challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, CNN reported days later that Kinzinger had openly thought about running as an independent candidate but opted against doing so because of logistics.

Well into late last year Illinois GOP establishment leaders and power players where trying to get Sen. Mark Kirk to retire or not seek reelection so that they could run Kinzinger against Democrat congresswoman Tammy Duckworth giving Republicans a fighting chance of keeping Kirk’s Senate seat given Kinzinger’s liberal record(pro amnesty, accepting of same-sex marriage SCOTUS ruling), loyal support to House leadership, constant attacks against conservatives, and military experience; that and he hasn’t had a debilitating stroke.

Mr. 36% Conservative Review score, badly needs to be forced out of the House of Representatives. “Little” Dick Durbin has no business being in the Senate. Getting rid of one by getting rid of the other sounds great, but do we really want Mark Kirk Jr. hanging around Congress 20-30 years?